Sunday, May 10, 2009

SCNMs and some Shiki-revenge!

I did some Beaudeux [S] SCNMs for the first time tonight as part of an LS event. We finished one BCNM pop set and have about half of a second.So, we'll probably go do the BCNM sometime this week for it.


I got a /tell as I was about to log off to go play Persona 4/pass out asking if I could come kill Shikigami Weapon. About 50 minutes later, it aggroed me and I got to fight it. Our duo was NIN/RDM and SCH/RDM. Apparently, Red Mage is an awesome duo sub. Or something.

But we got it down slowly but surely to ~50% HP.And then to ~25%.And then to 3%.Which makes me 4/~25 on the robe.It was a fairly mellow fight. We fought just West of the ramp that runs straight up through the place (and is only accessible during the full moon), and we didn't get any adds. I spammed AoE Stoneskin and tried to keep up other buffs like Enfire, Aquaveil, etc, up.

It was nice to see the robe actually drop after all of that.



  1. I took me over a month of daily camping the SOB before I got my robe. In that time about 4 robes dropped... and it was painful seeing other people get them. But hey, now I got one ^^! and I am SO happy!

    PS: The YYR is SOOOOO worth the effort. Just in case you were wondering.

  2. I actually got one for my SMN waaaay back ( ) in the early days of The Pie Blog™. I went off and on for quite a while before I finally got it to drop.

    My SMN is semi-retired though, so it's not getting much use sadly.