Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Slight Format Change, Salvage, Acc Rings, and ISNMs oh my!

Mondays/Tuesdays are days of change here at The Pie Blog™!

Some good, some bad.

The most notable, would be that I hooked my PS2 up to my TV again instead of my PC's TV card. This means that I can only get screenshots taken in-game in FFXI and can't take any of other games. I had to do this for a few reasons.

(Note: the next paragraph is almost entirely technobabble, so skip it if you're not a geek.) The primary one being that my PC is blue screening occasionally with several different error messages while viewing full screen Flash videos (Youtube, GiantBomb Endurance Run, Spoony Experiment, etc). They're either PAGE_FAULT_NOT_PAGED_AREA, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, "Shutting down to prevent damage to your hardware", and something else regarding my onboard sound's driver I'm forgetting at the moment for anyone who is interested. Which is kind of odd now that I think about it, because I'm using a Soundblaster Live! for my audio needs. I should probably look into that. It also blue screens consistently when I try to use DVDFlick to encode a certain awesome FF8 review to .VOB for burning to DVD to show Internet-less friends.

I had thought of switching back to my TV so I could watch movies, flash vids and listen to podcasts on my PC while playing FFXI and Persona 4 (which is quite awesome, I'd highly recommend it to any JRPG fan). The whole "it blue screens now" would seem to make that a stupid idea, but I also got BSOD'd right before fighting Shikigami Weapon and that's quite unacceptable. So, in-game FFXI screenshots only (for a while at least)!

I also downloaded Windows Live! Writer and plan to see how it compares to Blogger's editor. If I can upload pictures more quickly it'll be a keeper. So that's kind of a format change but completely transparent to readers. So it's not really much of a format change.

Anyway, on to slightly more interesting FFXI stuff.


I did my first Salvage run in quite a long time tonight. We did Arrapago Remnants. We got to the fifth floor and ran out of time after killing a Chariot NM there. The drops were level 15 Morrigan's legs and some Marduk's thing from the chariot NM that I think interested no one.

The run itself was pretty fun though compared to my previous Salvage experience. I'll need to get some Assaults done to be able to keep going as my AP is virtually nonexistant.

I decided to go for the Usukane feet and head piece first. The feet are just awesome for both DDing and tanking as Monk or Ninja. The head is probably better than Walahra Turban when your accuracy isn't nearly capped. Anyone with advice for obtaining either please share it.

I think I'm going to go for Usukane-only. Although a bunch of other people in the group have MNK/NIN/SAM/PUP leveled they're not targetting any pieces. I could equip Morrigan's and Marduk stuff, but Marduk mostly blows for SMN and I can't use Morrigan's on SCH. Full Usukane is freaking awesome for Monk, so I'll go for that and let everyone else get the other stuff. I wouldn't really want to save up 10 million gil for multiple Salvage bodies either.

I'll pull a few pics off my PS2 tomorrow and hopefully get them in here.

Accuracy Rings!

I've been saving up gil for some end-all-be-all Accuracy rings lately. Toreador's have gone from 2.6 million in that time to over 3.01 million. Sniper's +1 are more and none are on the AH. The Toreador that's on the AH now has been re-listed once already. I have no idea who's it is, but I'd like to throw a huge "Fuck you!" out to him or her for jacking the price. I'll piss myself laughing if somebody undercuts him and I get it tomorrow or the next day.

Just because there's only one of something listed doesn't mean people will pay more for it. I sure as hell won't and I could. I'm hoping to see the seller eat another 30-60K gil AH tax and make less than he would have listing for 3mil in the first place. Then again, Hades is fucking retarded so somebody will buy it for 3.5mil or some nonsense overnight. I could likely afford it now, because I did my first ever ISNM tonight. Speaking of which...


I did my first ever ISNM3000 tonight. I went with LS people and we did six runs of the Puk NM one. It's like the Operation Desert Swarm of ISNMs. I was really surprised by how easy it was. I went BLM/RDM and we had a BRD/WHM, RDM/WHM, SAM/NIN, SAM/NIN and MNK/NIN.

I more or less entered and stood around until it used the clone spawning TP move and then nuked them all down with Blizzaga 2. I could probably have one shotted them with Blizzaga 1 with how much damage they took from Blizzard spells (over 1200 with only 500HP). The NM takes considerably less damage (roughly -30% I'd guess), but still a pretty decent amount. On the second and later fights I free nuked and tried to magic burst Freeze 2 off the DDs Darkness SCs. I did a few times for a 1,754 MB.

As far as loot goes, 5/6 of the drops sucked. I lucked out as the only person who got a Khroma Ore which netted me 410k off the AH. For ~435k or so total. Which is not too shabby.

With how easy the ISNM is, I'd kind of like to spam it for a while and hopefully make more gil off it.

I should also really get back to skilling up Smithing as my plan for it has me get a bunch of post-50 levels field synthing Steel Ingots from minding on Mount Z. Khroma Ore is incredibly rare, but a few of them would get me pretty close to Acc+7 Ring number 2. If I can ever find one at a reasonable price that is.


I'll probably add some pictures to this post tomorrow, but no promises.


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