Thursday, May 14, 2009

This Week in FFXI (Now with pictures!)

I've mentioned some/most of these things previously, so it'll be brief.

I did some Arrapago Salvage:We timed out after killing this thing.I thought it was the final boss. lol

I pulled it and couldn't find it for quite a while until it finally popped (or showed up through the lag finally).

I also did My First ISNM: Puk Edition.™It's hilariously easy.

I'd still like to get some Royal Ramble KS30 runs going. Apparently two SAMs can kill the NMs in a few WS per NM. They're supposed to be very weak unless magic is cast on them. And it's a guarranteed 200k+ gil per orb. No 30mil potential like a Speed Belt from The Early Bird Gets the Wyrm, but nice easy gil and doable with 6 people for mere mortals.

There's also the Crit+6% Polearm, Destroyers, Sword, and something else I forget at the moment.

After ISNM, I went to try skilling up Guard with King Kupofried's magic blessing of whatever.Which is how I verified that Guard skill ups don't work with it.

Then on to Dynamis - Qufim and to maybe get Evilpaul his belt of Argute goodness.Unfortunately, the CS stun didn't start until after Antaeus used his AoE rape throwing attack and some other TP move killing half the alliance.We got a bunch of regular relic drops though, so it wasn't a total loss.

I leveled my 25 Bard from 2005 to 32 the night before last. We stopped part way to do Genkai 2 for our LS's WHM alt character.They did something weird with the NMs when they weakened them further a year or two ago. Garuda completely tore them apart while my Monk WS were unspectacular.

After the G2 detour, it was back for more leveling Bard.In Qufim earlier I had just been Minuet+Madrigal and meleeing. At Kazham I switched to Min/Mad+Ballad and pulling.A fun late night party.

To close out my mid-week, we did Einherjar last night.I got tentacle raped.

The Morbol Emperor is a bastard, so we timed out at 15% HP left on it. Still got 960 amoules of ichor at least. (Why can't those be traded in for a Smouldering Lamp?)

Some Limbus tonight. Omega I think. I'm really looking forward to it. >.>

I'm fishing in Nashmau as I type this and just hit 64. I'm hoping to get to ~78 or so here and start the Ebisu quest. And make gil towards a second Toreador's Ring in the process.As I was able to finally get one yesterday.

I should also probably get to work skilling up Smithing and doing the mining Mount Z phase of my skill up path as it will be quite lucrative.


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