Thursday, June 18, 2009

Campaign Body Speculation

In a month and a half or so, SE is going to finally add the body pieces to the three Campaign Rare/Ex armor sets (1, 2, 3).

I'm interested to see what Square does with them. The Cobra Unit set in particular is appealing because it may have some Counter+ on it. I'm also wondering how much Accuracy the pieces will have. If it's +10 we'll see a whole lot of Scorpion Harnesses hit the Auction House.

So, without further ado, here's my predictions:
Cobra Unit Harness
[Body] All Races
DEF: 40 Accuracy +7
Store TP +5
Enmity -4
Counter +5
Set: Enhances "Counter" effect
It would be pretty cool to actually be an Acc+10 piece, but I get the feeling that might be a bit too awesome. Counter+5 is purely a guess, but it would be pretty awesome if it turns out to be correct.

The Iron Ram set is really nice for PLD tanks because of the Enmity+ and the MDB on it for things like Jailer of Love or Wyrms that are in the air.
Iron Ram Breastplate
[Body] All Races
DEF: 47 HP +35 Enmity +5 Magic Def. Bonus +5
Set: Increases all elemental resistances
I think Magic Damage taken -% is also a possibility on this piece instead of MDB.

The third set, the Fourth Division Cuirass set is more commonly known as "that one nobody uses or cares at all about" because it only provides small STR and Evasion boosts. Here's what I think we'll see with it.
Fourth Cuirass
[Body] All Races
DEF: 40 STR +5 Evasion +7
"Subtle Blow" +5
Set: Increases Attack
Lv. 68 WAR / PLD / DRK / BST / SAM / NIN / DRG
There might end up being yet another "Increases chances of critical hits" on it too, I think.

Your thoughts on the Campaign bodies? Are my predictions crazy and improbable? Would you use such a piece if it were released?

UPDATE: As pointed out by Anexia in the comments, I completely forgot about the Cobra Unit Mage set. It's a pretty nice set for the level you can equip it, and if you're too lazy to do /shouts for Halvung Assaults to get Yigit Feet (like me), the feet aren't too bad at 75 either.

Anyway, here's my take on what we may see from the body piece:
Cobra Unit Houppelande
[Body] All Races
DEF: 34 HP +30 MP +30
Magic Atk. Bonus +4
Conserve MP +3
Set: Increases Magic Accuracy
eldephia makes an interesting point that Squareenix could make it so there's a pretty cool stat with the ultra lame "Campaign:" on it making the new bodies more or less novelty pieces.

I'm still hoping that they'll be good enough to replace some of the ACP or relic body choices. Which may seem a bit outlandish an expectation, but if you think about it it takes MUCH longer to get to a Wings rank in Campaign that it does to get through ACP.

But who knows, we'll all find out next month.


  1. Aww, no guesses for the mage set?

  2. And another body to outright replace PLD relic body. =(

  3. I think they will put an OMG uber stat on it, that will only be accessible in Campaign.

    So you'll get middle of the road stats for everwhere else and then something awesome in the past.

  4. Hopefully the pieces are good for at least some jobs situationally -- I'd feel bad if they were completely BETTER than relic and whatnot, but if they were comparable or used in different situations than current good pieces of gear that'd be nice!

  5. I think we're going to be completely surprised with what the bodies will have.

    Cobra Unit Harness - Avatar Perpetuation Rate: -3
    Iron Ram Breastplate - Magical Critical Hit Rate +5
    Fourth Cuirass - Magic Accuracy +20
    Cobra Unit Houppelande - Ranged Attack + 20

    ...I became really cynical of this at some point...