Monday, June 1, 2009

Castle Oztroja [S]!

I did some SCNMs the other day in Castle Oztroja [S]. Despite Evilbron being there, I only died once.

The first NM we hit was a Ninja mob. It was interesting because whenever it casts Utsusemi it spawns clones of itself. They're pretty weak though and a single nuke was dropping them.

Next, we went upstairs to get a few more NMs.Did you know that these things are truesight?

I didn't.

So, I found out the fun way. With a Tough MNK Yagudo and this WHM NM wacking me in the face. For Toughs the Yags aren't very strong. And this particular WHM NM has the odd habit of spamming Cure V on itself, so it just stood there doing that instead of helping its MNK friend kill me.

As everyone else arrived we finished off the MNK and then started on the NM. It was a stalemate for a few minutes and then we dropped two or three Darkness skillchains and magic bursts on it and killed it pretty rapidly.

After that, we moved further into Castle O. and found the Taurus NM was up. I should really take a look at the Wiki next time, because I was quite surprised when it popped Hundred Fists and killed our Ninja who was tanking it. I took off and kited it around the lamp looking thing. It's pathing was pretty horrendous, so it was easy to stay out of its melee range. (It took a circle around it that was way bigger than the lamp.)

I'm pretty sure it could be DoT kite soloed. Unfortunately, its drops both suck and aren't worth why bother?

The last NM for the night was a gnat.What could possibly go wrong, right?I hate #@%^ing gnats.

It killed a bunch of people, but we returned the favor.And then we called it a night. We've got most of three or four sets of sealed boxes for the BCNMs now.

I'm not sure what if any items I want from them. I'll probably just stick to stuff that's sellable.

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