Friday, June 5, 2009

Does anyone actually walk around his/her Mog House?

My character is currently idling AFK in his Mog House, and I had an odd people actually walk around or do stuff (besides crafting I guess?) in their Mog Houses? I just click to leave and exit to wherever when I'm done and almost forgot you can even walk around in there.

I personally just have a bed (Moghancement: Experience, ftw), some of those 20 Storage shelf things, and two flags for completing Missions. I know some people actually decorate theirs and have used the "Open Mog" feature.

Since every post on a FFXI blog has to have some sort of FFXIV tie-in, I'm wondering what sort of Mog House-like thing FFXIV will have? Does WoW have something similar?

With the lack of PS2 Limitations™ would players be able to actually carry around 100 or 200 items on them and eliminate the need for Mog Houses entirely? Will the traditional Inn of past Final Fantasy games make a return?


  1. Now seriously, what do you expect? ONE lonely adventurer to carry 200+ things all by himself with bags hanging off him in all directions?

    :-P Sometimes a limit to what you can carry has a purpose!

    But I can understand why that would be fun! :-)

  2. From an IGN article:
    "Are Chocobos back? --- Yes, they will return. But Square Enix has told IGN that it is looking at using them in a completely different way than they were used in Final Fantasy XI (where they were used as riding steeds)."

    The conclusion I came to earlier today was that your choco is probably going to replace your Moogle/MogHouse. (I noticed that in one of the images in that article that the choco has saddlebags and quivvers hanging off of it.)

    Well... it's either that, or you're going to be able to play a Chocobo as a character!!! j/k But really, how else could you "use them in a completely different way"? /shrug