Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Galkan Black Mages

Seriously, people, race isn't everything.

Sure if you create a character to play Black Mage I wouldn't suggest you go with Galka. They have low INT and low MP, afterall. And those are the two stats most relevant to all things Black Magery related.

But, believe it or not, there's a person playing the char whether Tarutaru, Hume/Mithra, Elvaan, or Galka. So, those superficial differences in FFXI are about as important as the ones in real life. (i.e., Not very.) More important is whether the Black Mage shows up to group events and is good at what he does.

So, when you read stupid shit like this on Killing Ifrit recognize it as such and move on.

Most people, Tarutaru or otherwise, aren't soloing the Bionic Bug ENM in Newton Movalpolos if for no other reason than you can't even get there by yourself legitimately. The ones who are aren't just doing it purely based on how awesome they are, but rather rely heavily on awesome gear and movement+% feet.

So please stop saying this stupid crap, it's really getting old.


  1. Have you seen Nappy's BLM in action? Now that's a Galka BLM that I've seen put tarus to shame.