Monday, June 8, 2009

"I'm not quite dead yet!?"

It took a while, but SE finally has what I guess is passing as a Version Update teaser today.

Next Version Update Scheduled for Late July! (06/08/2009)
We're pleased to inform you that the upcoming version update is on track for a late July release! The development and quality assurance teams are hard at work cooking up a whole slew of exciting new content that will feature the continuation of the Wings of the Goddess missions, new areas in past Vana'diel, job adjustments, additions and refinements for Campaign and Moblin Maze Mongers, and much, much more.

Details on all the new features will be released here in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes glued to this space!
It isn't like me to complain ("orly?"), but I was kind of hoping to have something kind of awesome sprung on us about the next of our three yearly version updates...and this really isn't it.

Do about Moblin Maze Mongers? It's like Assault except without the rewards. The crafting mazes seemed like they could have been cool, but turned out to be rubbish.

Wings of the Goddess has been pretty anemic an expansion, but what little of it there is is actually pretty decent. Just don't pick Bastok [S] or you'll be stuck half way through on an easy mission like me because only five other people are allied with the steampunk republic.


Here's hoping we'll get a "Black Mage and Ninja won't suck anymore!" teaser next week. At least give Ninjas that temporary hate shedding ability promised back in 2005 when SE was teasing job adjustments at Fanfest (and when Ninjas were still allowed to tank stuff) or something.

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