Monday, June 29, 2009

Kupo de'Lame & King Vinegaroon

So Square-Enix finally announced that they're going to have another "mini-expansion" and this time you can get an Augmented piece of head gear. Which makes this the most recent in a long string of Version Update teaser notes that don't excite me in the slightest.

As everyone who played the short quest-line knows, ACP sucked. And while I do get use out of my weird looking coat on BLM and SCH...I'm still not very impressed. I expect even less out of this "mini-expansion." I honestly thought it was a joke or mistranslation when SE announced it.

So, once again, it's mostly just "Do I want to get this for the Augmented gear?" And, "Does that sound kind or 'RMTy' to anyone else?"

The base pieces this time are less impressive than the ACP bodies. Pick a generic stat for Heavy melee, Light melee, and Mage. Like "Counter +3", "Subtle Blow +3", and "Conserve MP +3."

Slap them on the respective pieces.

Switch the first two, because for some reason the Heavy melee piece that Paladins and Dark Knights can wear gets "Counter +3" instead of the one Monks can use. But I digress.

Then, pick two of these Augments:
Click the picture to make the text legible.
There's some pretty cool stuff you could do with them, don't get me wrong.

A weaponskill piece:
Weaponskill Accuracy +15
Accuracy +10 (or Ranged Accuracy)
Attack +5 (or Ranged Attack +5)
A magic damage piece:
Magic Accuracy +2
Fast Cast +2%
There's pet job possiblities there too, but I don't care about my Summoner. I like Puppetmaster, but it's Puppetmaster. I don't get to do shit with it. Hell, the Ranged, Melee, and Magic skills aren't even fully capped yet since I never to get bring it out for stuff.

So, I'm not going to ponder the many pet job possibilities. I'll leave that to someone else.

With the "Store TP +4" Augment 2h weapon users and Rangers might find some interesting combination.

But all the stuff I'm seeing is thoroughly...meh. "Another hat to do magic damage with?! Make my Asuran Fists land all 8 hits 66% of the time?!? Nowai!!!"

So I'm thinking I'll be passing on this one.

King Vinegaroon!

So, I'm currently standing around in Western Altepa Desert, and I have no idea why.
lolcats...yes, I apologize.
I'm here as MNK/WAR, so I won't be helping kite it. Assuming it pops and we claim it. And enough people get online to kill it.

But the "kiting" thing is what I wanted to mention. Kiting King Vinegaroon is a lot like masturbation. Everyone does it. Everyone knows everyone does it. We just don't talk about it.

Everyone kites KV. Unless an LS that gets claim has an ally capable of killing it all standing around potentially for 10 hours. Which would be kind of fucking retarded. Everyone kites KV.

And like I said, KV is a lot like masturbation. Everyone kites it, but some dense 15 year olds don't grasp that "We just don't talk about it" part. As annoying as watching somebody walk a gigantic scorpion in circles for three hours may be, if you've ever fought/camped KV (or are trying to) at some point you too will be walking it in circles for two hours.

So, spare me the annoying /tells if my LS gets it. I don't care. I don't even want the stupid hat.

Go do something productive with your time instead. Go masturbate. Or send /tells to some guy pretending to be a girl you're interested in.

Just leave me the hell out of it, please.

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