Friday, June 26, 2009


My past three FFXI posts have been entirely a tad sarcastic. But, really the update teaser notes aren't packing much punch, so what can I do?

The update is supposed to be 'late July' which I assume means third or fourth week in the month. So we can expect 3-6 more of them plus the usual surprise on the day of the update.

But maybe give us a juicy tidbit somewhat early?

Throw out something like "Black Mage and Ninja can expect job adjustments in the July update!" Sure, it'll be Black Mage getting some further nerf (pet soloing?) and Ninja getting a "go eat the mages while I recast shadows job abilty" for temporarily shedding hate. But at least it would be something.

Speaking of that Fanfest 2007 Ninja JA, how cool would it be if it was subbable? For 15 seconds you can halve your CE/VE enmity? It would be useful in a variety of situations. (A downside would be the emergency maintenance when SE realizes it also doubles enmity accumulated while it was active when it wears off.)


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  1. heh. I kinda like that Ninja idea. A new job ability called "Distract" or "LookieOverThereAtThatGuyFor3Seconds!" that ever-so-briefly removes the NIN from the hate-list. Or would that actually be an instant-cast spell where you kinda throw one of your ninja tools at a party member? lol