Saturday, June 27, 2009

SCNMs, Dynamis, and Bunnies Oh My!

Epic has been hard at work doing SCNMs lately. We did the La Vaule [S] one on Wednesday (right day?). We started with Coinbiter something or other.I think it went well.The NM is a DRK and he spam Shoulder Tackle for massive damage and a hate reset on the recipient of said Shoulder Tackle.

Which makes it interesting as a Black Mage. You can Stoneskin+Phalanx. Nuke until you pull hate, swap to Physical Damage -% gear, rest MP, and repeat relatively safely. Just make sure you pack on MND for Stoneskin because he does hit fucking hard.

On attempt two, we killed his ass.Dynamis - Beaucedine

Last night, I did a Dynamis - Beaucedine run. Of the two Northlands zones, Beauc is the one I don't really want anything from. I've got 4/6 items I can equip from it, the MNK body is junk, and the NIN pretty cool, but I'm "meh" about it anyway. The zone itself is OK to do. Nothing too stressful or irritating about it really.

Xarc, on the otherhand, I would like to eventually get every piece I can equip there. Except MNK. And I don't really want the NIN hands either. But I'm only 1/6 there. The zone itself unlike Beauc I find both stressful and irritating. It's like Dynamis - Windurst only there's cool stuff that drops there.

We were really lucky with Beauc last night though as the first mob dropped an Argute Gown. A few mobs later we got a BRD Justathings, a WHM body, and finally something we haven't seen in at least a year, a Duelist's Tabard (RDM body). Keffka got it which forced me to finally update my Stun macro to not mention him not having it. Hehe.There was a pretty bizarre BLM-onry wipe with that time-nuked Goblin Replica being botched.Other than that it was a pretty good run though.

Pre-Dynamis Dragon Extravaganza!

As I got to the Trail Markings for dynamis, somebody said in LS chat "Biast." Which is usually BS. I do it all the time. It's fun to annoy people/dash their hopes of a funny blue hat.

But sure enough, he was up. I pulled him from the zoneline and started soloing him. And realized he had 30-40k HP or something similarly ridiculous and it would take all day. I decided to just pull it back to the spawn area, sleep it, warp out, and go to Dynamis. It went unclaimed part way back and Suow (also in my Dynamis LS) claimed it and started beating the piss out of it as Samurai. He invited me and with a few outside cures from other people in the LS we killed it.The hat didn't drop (I didn't want it anyway, dunno if Suow did), so my reward was 940 gil which means it only cost me ~1.3k gil to go and kill the thing altogether with OP fees.

Still fun to do stab a dragon in the face for being a dragon though.

King Vinegaroon!

Apparently, people in Epic want to join Team Robocop™ again and were there for ToD.

I went to go /poke it and see who was going to kill it.I rode my pretty chocobo ForestNeo to get there.

(Incidentally, If you're on Hades and want a choco-card from him I'll give you one for whatever the NPC sells them for. Just send a /tell in-game.)

Bunnies, Oh My!

I decided to get some of the Rare/Ex stuff I'll need for Ranger lately. I got O.bow and Franscica already. I could camp the Rare/Ex E.bow in Fei'Yin, but that place is full of botting assholes.

So, I decided to go for Selene's Bow instead. You pop the NMs for it by trading a Sandy Carrot during New Moon or Full Moon and then kill them and pray to your deity(s) of choice that it drops.

I went a few days ago for White Coney during the Full Moon.And I went 0/2. I would have stayed longer but the Moon phase changed.

I went back earlier today on New Moon, and 1/1 on Black Coney!

I emailed myself these pictures before that though, so I don't have one of Black Coney to post right now. Just picture the same rabbit, except black and barely visible in the blizzard of Ule. Range instead of white.

Now if SE will just increase Combat/Magic skill merit totals so I could have 8/8 Marksmanship (or Archery).

That's it for today!

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