Friday, June 19, 2009

The Snark is Strong With This One.

I listened to the Gamespy Debriefings #86 earlier today. It's generally entertaining. I had to offer them a little feedback though today.
Dear Anthony, Ryan, and other fellows,

Did you guys really just spend 25 minutes talking about about third person action clones of a going on three year old game, and then spend 10 minutes complaining about JRPGs being derivative and unoriginal?

Maybe it's possible people can like different types of games and not just be mindless fanboys? Or maybe not, but then I guess you guys shouldn't be throwing stones?

Just a thought.

They literally spent 25 minutes talking about which game that was like Crackdown (which came out in 2007) was better, Prototype or Infamous. Then they spent 10 minutes bitching about JRPGs all being the same and how anyone who likes them is just some fanboy.

Either they're really good at satire far too subtle for the Internet,

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