Monday, June 22, 2009


I had kind of forgotten about it, but SE finally released the yearly Vanadiel Census today.

It turns out most of my somewhat lame predictions were correct. The only surprising one would be that WHM/SCH did in fact appear in the top job combos as I had anticipated.

By far the most interesting part of it was the merit point breakdown.

Some of the stuff I found interesting:

  • People actually merit DEX.

  • No one merits Staff or lolThrowing.

  • Everyone has 4 Evasion skill merits.

  • Five people capped lolGuard merits.

  • More people have 8/8 Elemental (or Enfeebling) magic skill than all others combined.

  • Everyone has Critical Hit Rate +4.

  • People apparently agree with me that Spell Interruption -8% is more useful than Enemy Crit -4%.

  • 5 people merited Dodge Recast.

  • Those same 5 people merited something other than Ice and Thunder Potency on their Black Mage.

  • I'm one of the 5 people who capped an AM2 spell in Black Mage Group 2.

  • Teeves lika da Triple Attack merits.

  • People merit Beastmaster.

  • People merit things other than Nightingale and Troubadour on Bard Group 2.

  • There are Samurai with capped Zanshin Attack Rate. (Why?)

  • Everyone with Ninja leveled thinks its merit categories suck. Except Tool Expertise.

  • Unlike Evilbron, there's lots of Dragoons with capped Angon merits.

  • My Elemental MP Cost 5/5 merits weren't enough to make a sliver appear on the chart.

  • Everyone merits Puppetmaster exactly the same. Except for the guy who merited Repair Recast. Fuck that guy.

  • Despite everyone on FFXI forums telling me how stupid I am for getting Max Sublimation merits over Modus Veritas Duration merits nobody actually merits Modus Veritas Duration.
The only other thing that was interesting is that there's more Burtgangs than all other Mythic Weapons combined.

And that's about it.

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