Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Walkthrough for the WotG Missions in the Coming Version Update!

The Version Update is almost upon us, so your lowly blogger-slave Evilpaul has prepared for you a walkthrough of the upcoming Wings of the Goddess Missions!

When we last left our Missions/Quests, there was a Battle of Jeuno! Now, it is to the Northlands to uncover the mystery of the winged woman.
She totally has two wings!

On your way through Beaucedine Glacier you'll need to travel to a remote and annoying to access part of it. But beware!
Lilisette and Cait Sith demonstrating proper bewaritude.

Beware of the truesight truesound, evil and impetuous Kindred's Gargoyles that patrol the Glacier in search of adventurers to feast upon!
Adventurers need only fear the Kindred's Gargoyles (pictured left), the Gigas (pictured right) are primarily there to build Shadow Lord snow men.

Once you reach the furthest depths of Beaucedine Glacier you'll face mysterious winged woman along with six Kindred's Gargoyles in an epic Burning Circle battle. The key to winning will be to bring Rangers and Summoners to do ranged damage.

Upon her defeat the winged woman will reveal herself to be Ayame who traveled from the distant future of Vanadiel to return to the past where she could effect Time Kompression.™ She will also reveal that her wings were fake.

Adventurers will then experience an exciting ending cutscene that mixes together previous Wings of the Goddess cutscenes together in a nonsensical fashion.

I'll post an update later for the Nation Quests.

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