Thursday, June 11, 2009

What I've been up to lately....Again.

Campaign!I got the highest rank Campaign medal back. Again.

They really better not make you keep doing Campaign constantly to keep whatever the top rank is introduced next update.

Pankration!For reasons not even I understand I want to cap out at 1,000,000 Jettons. I'm 65% of the way there.

Jerks keep running their shitty monsters that give me no EXP while I'm there and use something that can kill my brickwall Dark Elemental when I leave though which is slowing down progress.

Einherjar!Either a Tier 2 or Tier 3 area. We ended up timing out with the boss at about 20% or so.

The past few runs we keep getting screwed with stuff like Attack+Accuracy Down Bats and Puddings that take shit damage from physical attacks. We could really use maybe 5-6 more people and less crappy mobs.

It would also help if people Hasted me more often. I swear I only have it like 50% of the time.

Maybe rotating Bards for normal mobs or something too. I've heard people say that's what their LSes do in Einherjar.

But getting solid info about how people win in there seems kind of sketchy. Half the stuff I hear about it reeks of Forum Bullshit Syndrome.™

"We clear Tier 3 rooms with 16 people and no Bards!!!" and similar nonsense.

Or they just forget to mention they have 12 DDs with Amanomurakamos (however it's spelled), Bravuras, and Apocalypses and ~20 billion gil worth of gear/relics.

But whatever.

Moving along.

Fishing!We use Formless Strikes on Thunder Elementals while we fish.

Anyway, I'm still stuck at 64 Fishing. I've been doing Nashmau, but it's lame getting there, and some days not a fucking thing will bite my fishing line. I still make 100-200k for an hour or two of doing it though on a good day, so it's OK.

Slowly but surely getting closer to a second Toreador's Ring.

Guns, Chakrams, and Swords!I'm taking full advantage of the "Martial Master" Kupopower and have gotten my Marksmanship up to 174, Throwing to 227, and Sword up to 200 something.

I'll try to cap Throwing before the Kupo Tablets are scattered again.

I'm not sure how practical it is really though. If I'm throwing something as Ninja it's probably a Wind at a Sky god. In which case I'm eating DEF food and tanking.

Dynamis - Buburimu!We did a Dynamis - Buburimu run on Tuesday. Killed several dragons and a WHM NM, and then went looking for the Mega Boss. Who did its usual "hide for 10 minutes thing" somebody found it and pulled it back to where we were camping. It was dead before I got back, but whoever pulled it also brought back 20 Goblins which killed everyone.

After that we farmed some crabs. And then went on to bunnies. For people unfamiliar, the mobs in CoP Dynamis split into multiples when pulled. And we got like 15 bunnies. They have fun AoEs and a potent Blind TP move.

I ended up being the Last Man Standing. I finished off the bunny we were fighting in critical health. Then I pulled the rest a bit away from the group and died (as you can see in the second picture).

We got a decent number of drops including THF and RDM Hands -1.

The Wiki claims that the SCH Belt drops there, but nobody has been able to find it yet so far as I can tell. /sigh

Garland of Bliss!I still don't have it despite killing a fuckton of stupid spiders.

I did make ~140K gil and counting working on it so far though.

The WS is light elemental, so it doesn't suck using an Apollo's Staff. Well, it does, but not any worse than anything else a Summoner can do with a Staff.

Einherjar Part Deux!Last night we did a Tier 3 and got triple bats, buffalo, and a khimaira boss. We ran out of time after finally finishing off the buffalo.

I used my patented LJ-all-out-attack technique and hit the khimaira for about 10 damage before being ejected from the chamber. I didn't get any picture of that though.

SCNM - The Buried God!We did the BCNM for Beaudeux [S] last night. It took over an hour to get everyone to the BCNM area.

The fight itself went OK, I guess. It was kind of bloody though. I may have been the only person who didn't die.

After killing the NM we popped the chest and got the Set: earring and the Great Axe +3 ring.

I guess we were doing another run of it, but I didn't know so I warped after.

I wasn't feeling so hot with some carpal tunnel wrist, stiff neck, and generally tired/shitty feeling, so I went to bed.


And that's all I've really done in game the past two weeks or so. I hope to have some more exciting stuff to post in the next few days.

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