Friday, July 31, 2009

Does Comcast Suck More Than Usual Today?

I'm kind of curious if it's just me or if Comcast sucks more ass than usual today?

I can't access BG, Zero Punctuation, and Giant Bomb is slow as fuck. A dozen other websites are slow as fuck or won't load at all. Others are 100% fine.

Fucking Comcast.

I'm kind of hesitant to log off & The next expansion...

I'm still not sure what the changes to billing means, but I'm kind of hesistant to log off. I'm pretty sure they kick you with some POL-XYZB error if your card is no longer acceptable, but I don't really want to spend three hours on VISA websites or trying to get somebody not-retarded at POL to talk to either. So, I'm perpetually AFK while not doing stuff for the time being.

Shatotto Ascension?

I didn't bother with the current Mini-Expansion because as I had expected it is rubbish.

I am pretty curious about the next one though. Partly, because Shantotto is fucking awesome.

Also, partly, because I'm wondering what crazy augmented gear they'll add. Pants? Feet? A cape? Yet more rings?

3% Haste and Acc+5 cape would be pretty awesome, I think.

Monday, July 27, 2009

They *do* have a name!

One of the more pathetic things that amuse me, is giving overly specific compliments. Not nasty ones like telling the only girl in the room that she's the most attractive girl in the room (which I guess you could make sound humorous?), but saying someone is the best at something that they are in fact good at, but then saying out of a very small group of people.

It turns out, this is called an Overly Narrow Superlative!

Also, did you know this is my most informative non-FFXI-related post all week?

Speaking of Campaign Unions....

Are the casting lots at the end in Campaign Unions not random, are people cheating, or are they proof there is in fact a God and s/he rather fucking hates me?

I'm 0/~80 on items today.

They seemed to have figured out over on BG that getting a killshot is what determines who's Union will get the items that the enemies drop upon defeat (with killshots on Enemy Leaders potentially rewarding 100s of Dynamis currency).

In addition to granting more EXP.

Which was pretty retarded in FF8.

But at least in FF8 all the characters were under your control and there wasn't some dickhead Samurai who shows up at 1% health and uses his over-powered Weaponskill of Supreme Fuckheadness to steal EXP and a chance at an item from you.

While being a generally huge douchebag thing to do, I think that pulling mobs far away and prolonging the battle as well as getting the killshot is probably going to be what I do on melee jobs from now on.

On BLM or SCH I'll just toss random nukes (or AoE buffs as SCH) and then HUEG LIEK XBOX NUKES to steal other people's EXP and items.

That seems to be what Square-Enix intends if they can't make anything in FFXI rewarding to cooperate with other players.

Anyway, I think I'll probably switch to BLM and finish exploring Beaucedine [S] and move on to Xarcabard [S]. I just need to zone in to be able to use the C.A. teleport there, so that's probably what I'll do.

That, or go back to leveling Ranger some more. AF is finished, afterall.

Campaign in Xarcabard [S] looks pretty entertaining too. You can apparently MPK everyone with those gigantic Dragons/Yovra rip-offs for the lulz. A fitting reward for the jerkass Samurais.

Campaign Unions Bugged?

I was fooling around with Campaign earlier tonight to get my next Medal Rank Up. I mixed it up going NIN/DNC instead of my usual MNK/DNC. (I kind of want to try the latter again with my shiny new Patronus Ring.)

Anyway, of course like the 10 million other people doing Campaign now I join a Union at every opportunity and netted myself about 70k worth of stuff over a few hours, the second Medal rank, and ~15k EXP.

Which is when I noticed something odd. My PS2 did the fun Black Screen of Death thing it likes to do once in a while when there's a TON of stuff going on. I was really thrilled seeing as that means bye-bye 20 minutes of Campaign EXP and shot at Union rewards.

Except when I logged back in, the Union rewards were still there. The battle had ended and I got no EXP, but the Union Treasure Pool hadn't all been lotted on or auto-sorted yet, and I was still able to lot on it. Bug? Intended but seemingly out of style from the rest of the game feature?

Anyone else had this happen to them? I sent in this bug report (which includes an idea on how the bug/feature could be exploited by a Black Mage):
While joining in a Campaign Battle at Fort Karugo-Narugo tonight my Internet connection dropped out for a few minutes. I had been killing Yagudo for about ten minutes at the time and done enough that I would have been able to earn Union rewards after the battle ended.

Much to my surprise upon logging back in I found that I had a treasure pool and was able to lot on the Union's items. I'm not sure if this is intended behavior or not.

It may also be possible to exploit as a Black Mage by joining Campaign Battles, doing enough to be eligible for Union rewards, cast Retrace to return to town, joining another Campaign battle in a different region, fighting there briefly, and returning to the first region once the battle ends. Thereby collecting rewards from two or more Campaign battles that are occurring concurrently.

(Also, I really would not recommend anyone confirm whether my Black Mage idea works or not. Getting banned over Swamp Ore and Rosewood Logs would be pretty fucking retarded.)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thoughts on the Version Update & What I've been up to...

So the Version Update arrived on Monday along with the Moogle Kupo Somethingerother. I'm less than not at all interested in the latter, so I'll stick to the Update itself.

While not great, it does at least add a bunch of like Unions in Campaign which provide, chance-based of course, but actual tangible rewards. I've only been in one so far, but there was a Kabura quiver, Byne bills, and some new ores of various kinds worth a few K gil a piece.

I've been playing around on Ninja again to try out the Yonin and Innin job abilities. And so far, I have to say I'm pretty impressed.

The Enmity+20 or so from Yonin really allows you to not have to gear much Enmity+ at all to hold hate as well as before. Because Enmity loss from damage is related to the percentage of your HP, and because more HP = less likely to die suddenly, you can now wear HP in places you'd previously worn Enmity+. Or damage reduction or possibly even Evasion/Evasion skill+ depending on what you're tanking.

Innin I haven't seen testing of yet, but beating on mobs other people were also attacking I could go all-out and wasn't pulling hate. The attacking from behind thing is kind of lame on Quadavs though which can become invincible to attacks from behind.

New Zones

I've only briefly explored Beaucedine Glacier [S], but it seems like a nice addition. There's some Dvrger skull looking things with 2k HP that might make good BLM -ga3 Manaburn fodder. And some Tough Gigas's Tigers as well.

I also had to try out Yonin and solo a VT Gargoyle mob, which I knew nothing about.It turns out that they're real bastards in the air. I got it down to about 40% HP and then two Blue Mages decided to come fight a Red Taurus right next to me.

Interesting fact: Red Taurus have an AoE Attack Up buff that stacks.

Yeah. That didn't help much. I got overwhelmed with some quick damage.A White Mage passerby was nice enough to Raise III me though.

The fight would have been much easier if I was able to stick debuffs consistently. The gargoyles are unsurprisingly dark-based and basically immune to Blind. Jubaku stuck maybe half the time. Hojo stick slightly more often.

A Crystalline Prophecy Revisited

I helped out with the Fei'Yin figh in ACP again.I think in the future I'll let somebody with Third Eye aggro first. I ended up having that fucking Goblin attacking me from behind nearly the entire goddamned fight and he beat the living hell out of me.

Thankfully, Yuna was there, not Evilbron, so we won with only one death (Verm). And since I'm pretty sure he needed the clear and I don't think you lose EXP in there I don't think he was too upset about it.

Also, remember kids: NEVER TAKE YOUR FRIENDS FOR GRANITE. That was my totally rad reward. It'll land me 5k from the AH if it ever sells (unlikely).

Meh, whatever.


We did Einherjar later and timed out on the boss.Can't win 'em all.


Fire in the Hole!!!!!!

I finally got this fucking awful, stupid, and unevenly difficult mission done!!!!I'm now a few Missions/Quests further in and hopefully will get caught up with Wings of the Goddess Missions before they finish the expansion (finally).

Random NM of the Week

While walking to San d'Oria in one of like five trips there for the WotG Quests/Missions, I saw this.0/1, but I'm not too disappointed. My first time seeing it in ~5 years playing.

Also, I saw this.From the first angle I noticed it it reminded me of Antlions from FF4 and FF9. Of course I couldn't get it right for the picture when I tried, so the pic doesn't look much like it.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm Ashamed.

A Version Update finally comes out and I completely forget to exploit my fellow man! What's wrong with me?!

I could have gotten a level or two more fishing, made some gil off Bream Sushi, and cashed in on the Norg Shell cash cow.

I'd generally run those to Norg and mail them to my mule or list them on the Bastok AH when I got them for a few K, but for 45k I could live in Sea Serpent Grotto.

Of course, I tried logging on earlier today to do something unrelated and my PS2 overheated. AGAIN.

I need to go kick a dog or something to prove I'm still evil.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cheap PS2 Fats?

Anybody have a suggestion on where to look for a cheap old-style "fat" PS2? I'm quite tired of my POS one overheating constantly when it's over 70F in here.

It would be less aggravating if it didn't take ~5 minutes to start up, start POL, start FFXI, log in, and get back to whatever the hell I was doing.

And anybody know if I can just pop in the network adapter and HDD and be ready to go in a new one? I'm not sure how the whole DNAS thing works.

So I'm going to get banned for Yonin apparently?

I had an interesting night. Just picked up a friend from the hospital who tried to kill herself. Hint: "Interesting" is code for "bad." I generally don't like to go to hospitals and prefer my friends to remain non-corpsey.

But anyway, Kimiko posted this earlier.
Yonin, the new Ninja job ability, is currently not working as intended. Instead it is currently allowing players to use ninja tools without expending them (100% proc rate ninja tool expertise). GM’s have confirmed that this is indeed a glitch and suggested serious consequences for “anyone found to be unduly rewarded from this previously unreported bug. Please encourage any other players you know to report this as quickly as possible in order to avoid serious consequences.”

So in otherwords, DON’T ABUSE IT! Let them get their stuff fixed and life will be kosher. Ok?

I’ll have an update with some initial thoughts on the version update, and a long overdue regular post to go with it tomorrow.
So I get home to find out that hey maybe I'll get banned for using Yonin to save 10 sneak/invis tools while trying to find my way to Xarcabard [S].

I have some pretty cool pictures of me soloing a VT Gargoyle (however they spelled it ingame?) in Beaucedine [S] before two Blue Mages pulled a Taurus next to it, gave it Attack Up x3 from its AoE buff, and it killed me at 40%.

I also fooled around with Innin a lot more in Campaign last night to get 1.2k EXP and be able to rank up to Medals. Which netted me a Cobra Unit Harness of Hawtness for my Puppetmaster. I'd say that wearing it was why 300 people /checked me over night, but 300 people checked me in Whitegate over night wearing NQ Noct shit. And it's not like I'm wearing a new Relic Weapon everytime you see me or something.


Tragically, attacking from behind doesn't work >50% of the time on Quadavs, so Innin kind of sucks ass for Bastok Campaign people.

All 6 of us.

But the enmity reduction on Innin and the boost from Yonin are quite apparent. Brutala from Hades sent me a /tell that he tested it with a friend and they found it was +~24 Enmity on Yonin. He said there may have been some testing flaws or rounding errors, but that's still pretty awesome.

You can now keep the same hate with a Yagudo drink in place of Refresh as NIN/DRK I guess. I haven't done much outside Byakko as NIN/DRK, but Byakko is a pretty good demonstration of the importance of support for NIN/DRK tanking. If you've got decent damage reduction and enmity gear (not the best) and have Refresh, Haste, and March x2 for capped Utsusemi recasts you can stay alive fairly easily with decent support. If you don't have one of those things, it'll be a fucking bloodbath.

So indirectly lessening the dependence of NIN/DRK on support does increase its utility. Unfortunately, being able to wear more defensive gear or something and have the same hate generating abilities with Yonin really doesn't make people want to use NINs to tank more than PLDs.

And getting all your Ninjas banned because they cast Hojo: Ni too many times before the inevitable, stupid emergency maintenance doesn't help either.

But back to the Gargoyle soloing...

I wanted to comment on my VT Gargoyle soloing attempt a bit. Not because I'm sure other NINs and THFs pulled it off and will tell me I suck. (I'm sure they did.) But, because I experimented with Yonin on it. First, if Gargoyles are not THF mobs I'll eat my hat. I had pretty fucking bad accuracy even after eating Squid Sushi.

Secondly, they seem to be a LOT harder to hit in the air. They seem to have a damage based fly and land thing like Wyrms. And it seems to be a big stat boost or something because I did inaccurate shitty damage to the one I was fighting while it was flying.

Fuck Moogles

I also wanted to give my impression of the new mini-expansion. But, I didn't buy it because I'm not an abused spouse, so I can just go by what others have said. Which is it is retarded like the first one. Except without the story. And the story in the first one was pretty retarded, so I don't think Moogles overthrowing governments has much going for it.

GM Calls

I called a GM to ask if I was being banned before going AFK to write this, so hopefully you'll still have the misfortune to see me if you're on Hades server in the future.

If not, as the French say, "TTFN!"

What I've been up to

I don't just complain about lame Version Updates, I've also actually been doing things in-game this week.


I did more SCNMs.I switched from using Howling Fist on high DEF/EVA mobs on Monk to using Ascetic's Fury.

Mostly, because it turns mobs black when you blink the animation off with a gear swap back to TP gear part-way through.

As far as damage from it goes, it's about the same. Howling Fist has a 3.0 fTP multiplier and pretty decent STR/VIT modifiers. Ascetic's Fury has a 1.0 fTP multiplier and roughly the same STR/VIT modifiers and it can crit (while Howling Fist can't without /THF). Purportedly, Ascetic's Fury also gets some large Attack+% bonus like Mandalic Stab.

Since the two seem to perform similarly with Ascetic's spiking higher once in a while, and I can turn every mob in the game black which is fun for freaking other people out, AF it is! I would encourage fellow Monks to climb Nyzul Isle and have fun with it too.

As for actual NMs killed and whatnot...We did Orcs. Like this one which spams Jump for massive damage on its targets. He's easy to tank as /NIN though, you just let him Jump on you twice and run out of range and recast Utsusemi on Jump #3. He pauses in place like most mobs who got out of ranged on a TP move, so even Ichi is easy to put up.We killed him easily and did all but one of the other NMs that we needed more BLM for or something.

Which makes us 6/8 on the sealed containers because Evilbron was lotting them and she fails at everything and warped early so somebody else had to lot the last one before it dropped.

The La Vaulle BCNM is supposed to be fun and has a really nice WS headpiece for 2h jobs.

Ranger AF!

I woke up bright and early to try and run to beat the moon from descending out of 93% full so I could finally get started on my RNG AF1 weapon quest. I raced to Jugner Forest and checked the ???.I thought the moon was decreasing, but apparently it was increasing, so I made it with plenty of time and was able to complete the quest.

Then I had to /heal afterwards because RNG50/BLM25 doesn't have 200MP for two Warp spells. >.>

Then I flagged the other quests and started on them. I was pretty amused to see that, yes, everyone else on Hades is leveling RNG. I know this because five other people were doing RNG AF at the same time (since you can only start it during a Full Moon).

I went to Castle O. for the next part of the AF Quest. Scavenging an earring from a pool.I saved one of the other people doing RNG AF at the same time who went as RNG60 to try for the old earring.

I went BLM/RNG and ended up going 1/6 on it. The 6th try I equipped my Smart Grenade and popped Sharpshot (I have 200 Throwing on BLM), so my well-founded hypothesis is that Scavenge success is dependent on Ranged Accuracy.

Or not, but the Wiki discussion page has people /RNG going 0/39 and shit while people like a THF who may have had a X-bow equipped going 1/1. I don't really care since I'll never be doing this quest again.

After that, it was time to flag the hands quest and try for coffers. Including the coffer in Garlaige Citadel. I hate that coffer.Some Metal Gear Solid stuff in Monastic Cavern and Crawler's Nest quickly netted me two nice new pieces of AF.

I knew Garlaige would suck and I didn't feel like trying to get three people to come open the doors for me, so I decided to try soloing the AF3 NM. I went to Xarcabard and popped it.From reading the Wiki article it sounded like there was a pretty good chance of losing solo as NIN/DNC.

The discussion page of the article made it sound mixed. Lots of people playing FFXI are pretty incompetent or don't have a job/gear capable of pulling off certain solos, afterall.

The actual fight wasn't that hard. The tiger's accuracy is poor to start with on a Ninja in evasion gear. Worse when it's blinded and has Accuracy Down from Blade: Kamu.

It can use Roar (AoE Paralyze) and casts Graviga which wipes shadows and reduces your evasion and movement speed though. Add in Healing Waltz having a long ass recast timer and it can make for some sticky situations. Particularly when the tiger uses both within seconds of one another. No shadows, you're paralyzed, and your evasion took a large hit. Not good.

The worst shape I was in my HP never hit orange. The fight took about 10 minutes and I got 66 EXP and 99 Ice Arrows (with AF waiting for me in Windy) as my reward.I'd be surprised if a PLD/RDM or other turtled self-healing job combo couldn't take the NM down even easier. Contrary to the Wiki it really wasn't much of an offensive powerhouse.


Then, it was on to Garlaige Citadel. You need four people for the stupid Banishing Gates which makes it rather annoying. You can get in from the back entrance using Sauromugue [S] though making Gates 1 and 3 a non-issue.

Of course, everyone does that now.

So I spent 15 hours logged in standing there waiting for somebody to get the coffer from behind gate #2.But it finally was there despite nobody opening Gate #2 somehow, so I got my key item, killed Dark Spark, and have Hunter's Bracers.

So I'm 5/5 on the Ranger Artifact set! Yay!

Now to go level some more.

RNG AF Story

Being a Bastoker for Life™ I've got to say the RNG AF story really didn't make much sense to me.

Apparently "sin" is hereditary with Mithras? And magicite made a bow super awesome, but turned all but two people who used it evil? And there was another bow that was also awesome, but didn't have magicite or turn people evil? And secret mithran bathing techniques can remove hereditary "sin" scents?

Not a clue what was going on to be completely honest. Maybe the optional WS Quest in the 70s will explain it a bit further.

Screenshot of the Day!

I choose you, person who picked the most chickenshit character in the worst Final Fantasy game to name himself after (with the obligatory added 'x')!I have no idea who he/she is, but I do hate FF8 with the fiery passion of a million Foreman grills.

You can't say I plagiarized that quote from Spoony, because I'm also posting a link to the finale of his FF8 Review. It's an entertaining send-off to a truly awful game.

Monday, July 20, 2009

...And the Winner Is?!

I previously (last month, when I had more hope for this update) speculated on the Campaign Body pieces.

So, with them now .DAT mined on BG, let's compare expected versus actual for fun!

Cobra Unit Harness
[Body] All Races
DEF: 40 Accuracy +7
Store TP +5
Enmity -4
Counter +5
Set: Enhances "Counter" effect
Cobra Harness
DEF:42 Accuracy+11
"Store TP"+6
Set: Enhances "Counter"effect
That's actually really fucking nice! Other than no Counter+5 it's nicer than expected! I'll be heading to past Windy after current Windy to pick one up.

Or trying to get my Campaign Rank up to the next post-Wings rank and then find out I need to switch to Windy to get it and reobtain my highest medal afterwards so it'll take two weeks.


Probably the latter. Anyway, moving along.

Iron Ram Breastplate
[Body] All Races
DEF: 47 HP +35 Enmity +5
Magic Def. Bonus +5
Set: Increases all elemental resistances
Iron Ram Hauberk
DEF:50 HP+32 Enmity+6
"Magic Def. Bonus"+5
Set: Increases all elemental resistances
OK, this one is pretty close to expected. The Enmity+5 is a nice kick in the crotch to people who got cool new ACP bodies for their PLDs. Not saying they deserve it, but still pretty nice whack to the jeuvos (sp?).

Fourth Cuirass
[Body] All Races
DEF: 40 STR +5 Evasion +7
"Subtle Blow" +5
Set: Increases Attack
Lv. 68 WAR / PLD / DRK / BST / SAM / NIN / DRG
Fourth Brunne
DEF:45 STR+8 Evasion+9
"Subtle Blow"+7
Set: Increases Attack
Lv. 68 WAR / PLD / DRK / BST / SAM / NIN / DRG
Apparently, my expectations were lower than they should have been, because this is better than expected as well.

Not particularly useful, but better than expected. I could see it being decent for soloing on those jobs when you don't need Accuracy+~10. STR+8 would be nice for Blade: Kamu. Subtle Blow +7/Evasion +9 is of course nice for soloing as well.

And from my previously neglected Cobra Mage set, Expected:
Cobra Unit Houppelande
[Body] All Races
DEF: 34 HP +30 MP +30
Magic Atk. Bonus +4
Conserve MP +3
Set: Increases Magic Accuracy
Cobra Robe
DEF:39 HP+32 MP+32
"Magic Atk. Bonus"+4
"Conserve MP"+3
Set: Increases Magic Accuracy
I think SE reads this blog! ;-P

That's marginally better than expected (HP/MP+2, DEF+5). But still crap at level 75.

Red Mages might use it as a Convert piece?

Maybe BLUs can use it for one of their magical or breath spells?

WHM, BLM, BRD, SMN, PUP, and SCH have no use for it. Then again, only the feet were useful for nuking at 75 if you didn't have Yigit already, so it's not surprising.

Overall, I'd say that the body pieces turned out better than expected.

I'll probably pick up the Cobra Harness & Fourth Brunne. I'll sell off my Scorpion Harness too probably. Or maybe destroy it with a random Augment. Dunno yet.

My Time, Well Spent.

It is now possible to search for mog tablets while remaining mounted on a chocobo.
Thanks, Square-Enix!

Am I the only one who had no idea about this BS?

UPDATE: Looking at the rest of the stuff in the update notes...
Additional monsters will now appear in the following area:
Batallia Downs [S]
True-sight mobs! Or they added something to prevent RMT from POS hacking 10k Smart Grenades or something? I bet whatever it is will be annoying and even fewer people will go there.
The following changes have been made to Fields of Valor:
Additional elite training regimes can now be accepted in the areas listed below.
Cape Teriggan / Eastern Altepa Desert / The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah / Ro'Maeve / Yuhtunga Jungle / Yhoator Jungle / Western Altepa Desert / Valley of Sorrows / Ru'Aun Gardens
I'll destroy an Igqira Weskit on it later. I expect the new random Augments to fail like the old ones though.
Two new job abilities, "Yonin" and "Innin", have been added.
I still think they'll suck.

I'll test them a bit after I look up the recipe for Curry Buns at the Cooking Guild. (I logged off as Ninja with quick access to the guild for both.)
The characteristic of the following Notorious Monsters in which their strength changes over time after being claimed has been adjusted:
King Arthro / Simurgh / Roc / Serket / Capricious Cassie / Lord of Onzozo / Behemoth / King Behemoth / Adamantoise / Aspidochelone / Fafnir / Nidhogg / Sandworm / Dark Ixion
Is this the worst translation for "Rage Timers" ever? And what changed?
The following item has been added to the list of goods purchasable from linkshell distributor NPCs:
Pendant Compass

* The compass is an equippable item for characters level 20 and above which, when used, will display one's current positional coordinates within a given area.
* This coordinate information may be used with the upcoming "Player Event Support" service. Detailed information will be made available via a special site for the service in the near future.
Um, what? Displayed where, exactly?

And does anyone else not know where the LS vendor is?
Category Term
Job Ability Innini
Game Terms 2 Coyote Union
"Ininni" hi2u typo!

And does Coyote Union sound vaguely perverted to anyone else?

UPDATE #2: Stealing info from BG Dat Mining:
G./Y./B./R. Curry Bun +1
With a generous portion of savory green curry nearly bursting from its flaky crust, this piping hot bun is truly a treat to all five senses.
So there's stackable Curry now.

That makes Yellow Curry and Coeurl Subs more or less dead unless these are ridiculous to make.

I'm guessing it'll be a 'Earth Crystal + Yellow Curry + X + Y + Z' which if the results are NQ - 6, HQ1 - 8, HQ2 - 10, HQ3 - 12 would make them cheaper and more profitable for cooks. And not have the 3hr food problem (i.e. dying).

Unfortunately, I'll still be eating Sushi or Marinara Pizza everywhere as Monk probably. If there's Pizza Slices found this update will be decent.

Friday, July 17, 2009

F*#@%ing Curry Buns?

I think Square-Enix is fucking with me.

Seriously, if your update teaser is like "Hay gaiz we has new bells and whistels and no srsly liek actual fucking bells and shit" you kind of get the feeling that they aren't trying very hard.

Three things annouced are new /bell commands, Ebisu fishing rod updates, and curry buns.

First things first: bells. Don't have one. Didn't want one. Like MMM Hammers only stupider. As stupid as thinking stupider is really a word.

Second, Ebisu rod updates. Sounds vague as fuck but pretty cool. I mostly make gil by fishing+cooking, so getting one is a far off dream of mine. But my Fishing isn't 78 and I'm not made of gil, so I can't obtain one currently.

Finally...curry buns.


Like I've been bitching about making stackable pizza slices for a while now, and that would be a pretty cool announcement. Fucking curry buns are not a cool announcement. Curry buns are the cheese sandwich of announcements.

Come on Square-Enix. At least pretend you're trying.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

50 Ranger! ...I can't do AF?!

I hit 50 Ranger earlier today! I killed two Colibri where I logged out in East Ronfaure [S] and got my shiny new level! Yay!

Now to start AF Quests...and I need to wait until a Full Moon to get the weapon?

The only thing more retarded than having to wait 40 minutes to get from Nashmau to Whitegate because there's only one boat that runs between the Imperial Capital and its largest trading partner, or having to stand around 30 minutes waiting for a Goblin who stands in one place 24 hours a day to open his shop and get a Red Chip, is having to wait almost a full day for a Full Moon so I can start my RNG AF Weapon Quest.

That run-on sentence is as long as it is annoyed.

I started to collect the Rare/Ex drops I'll need for the rest. Coffer Keys and whatnot.

I'm still annoyed though.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

East Ronfaure [S] EXP

So I've now spent from 37 to almost level 50 Ranger entirely in East Ronfaure [S] killing Colibri and Ladybugs and had a few thoughts on it.

First, isn't there any camp besides the wall directly East of where you are dropped off by the teleport?

There's a bunch of bird pops there, but only Ladybugs other than some pretty far off bird pops. Long pulls are of course not fun with mobs that can outrun you like Colibri. Or presumably as a Bard when you can only use Threnody or Requiem to pull pre-Elegy and they make you spell-locked in place for a moment.

Also, I really hate pulling. A whole lot. The first action on a mob generates extra hate and I don't really need extra hate when I've got powerful and accurate attacks and get a free 25% piercing damage bonus on top of it. I'm also probably the only person using food when we have a tank (or person trying to tank), so ganked Pot-au-feu gets pretty annoying and rather expensive.

Second, Ladybugs (and Biddybugs, Gnats, etc) are Thief mobs.

That means they get Evasion Bonuses and at higher levels Triple Attack. Of course Rangers get Accuracy Bonuses, so when fighting them it seems like myself and any other Ranger there are the only ones doing any damage to them. Especially, if they use their AoE Attack Down since my Added Effect: Light damage still does ~30.

Third, do Colibri get Attack Speed Bonuses or something as they go up in levels?

I have a hard time recasting Utsusemi: Ni as Ninja main between a non-Elegy'd and/or Hojo'd Greater Colibri's attacks, but I can recast Ichi while being beaten on by the Colibri in East Ronfaure [S] as Ranger.

Not every time, but they hit slow enough you can start Ichi right before they swing, they hit you, it continues casting to ~75%, they hit you again, and the spell goes off. (It brings back painful memories of leveling Ninja to 37 several years ago in the Dark Ages of pre-Fields of Valor and no Dancer support job.)

Fourth, is AGI really underrated?

I've got ~63 AGI (base AGI plus ~15 from gear), and I swear I parry about as much with capped Parrying from /NIN as I do on jobs that have native Parrying skill. Also, I'm sure Evasion merits help a bit, but I get missed pretty often too.

Fifth, Campaign music SUCKS.

Seriously, they better have different music in the Icelands when they get addded this update. And they could really use a different Campaign music tune or two. The monotonous and not particularly good tune is grating and terrible when you spend three hours killing the same two types of mobs over and over and over.

I'm not that big a fan of the Ronfaure music either, as blasphemous as that may be, but at least it's not LOUD and obnoxious.

And that's about it. Let me know what you think in comments if you have answers, theories, or some other observations.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Holy Bolt Setups

I was poking around and came up with this setup for Holy Bolt spam at level 75.

I think it would probably be pretty decent on Proto-Ultima which I've heard despite liking to dish out Light elemental damage himself isn't particularly resistant to it. There's double Light weather in Tenemos all the time, so that's a 25% damage bonus. And Apollo's Staff provides a 15% boost (plus it's 2 MND).

The total MND comes to 121 which is pretty high. The damage formula seems to be:
(Shooter's MND - Target's MND) + ~30
Assuming Proto-Ultima has 80 MND then the damage unresisted would come out to ~102 additional damage each shot. With about 15-20 shots per minute. Which is a lot of hate-free damage.

Of course, there's one or two things with more MND out there, but I don't have them. I don't even have a Scout's Beret, so that's -4 MND right there. No Communion Earrings either, so -4 more. But 113 MND is still pretty decent. I also could have sworn there was a sushi that gives MND+ on it, but it seems not.

I don't know when I'll hit 75 of course or when the next Proto-Ultima is anyway, so it's all theory at this point.

KS99 Wyrm as Monk, More Ranger, and More Augments!?

We were shorthanded to do Tier 3 Einherjar on Saturday, so we did a bunch of KS99 The Early Bird Catches the Wyrm instead. I've got more than enough KS to do a bunch of orbs, but didn't feel like bringing one.

After gathering at Balga's Dais, we went in.I usually would go as Black Mage, but today I was asked to come Monk instead.I'm somewhere in the pile of people by Wyrm's left foot there.

The fight went well, and we killed Wyrm.Jamarn can be seen deleveled to 74 in the last pic too. :-p

I was pretty surprised to see how low Wyrm's evasion and defense were. When I wasn't blinded from Hurricane Wing, I had zero problem hitting it. And between Haste, March, Minuet, and a Mithkabob I was hitting it pretty hard and fast.

Enough so that I pulled hate a lot and ended up getting Absolute Terror'd four times in a row (it doesn't stack/overwrite itself).Of course, I ended up biting it on the second and third orbs at least once each. I got R1'd and Hundred Fisted Wyrm's ass as a "Thank you!" on Orb #2. Two WS for about 1,000 damage total plus HF DoT helped to finish him off.

More on the accuracy/damage issue though, it seems unless you pack Eye Drops or have a mage spamming Blindna on you (which would be pretty annoying for the mage particularly if you're bitching, "/p Blindna!!!" every 2 seconds), you'll probably want to use either Sushi or Marinara Pizza as your food for Wyrm fights as a decently geared Monk.

If you have full/lots of Usukane pieces and a Cuculain's Mantle, maybe you could still pull off Meat. (I don't really TP in that much Accuracy gear though as Monk, just Acc Rings, Shura Togi, and Faith Torque pretty much.)

I'm really hoping for Marinara Pizza Slices added next update or something to make eating Pizzas full-time more practical for my inventory.

Campaign and Merits!

I decided to go do some Campaign to get back my ~4k or so of lost buffer on Monk.It turns out that the Quadav NM's pet Peistes are actually really weak if you have a little help from a mage who Blinds them to cancel that Petrify-stare glowing orange eye crap they do. The Haste and occassional Cure IV don't hurt either.

I also got ~1.1k worth of limit points and got merit point #3 stored up. Which I put to use and now have 2/5 Automaton Magic Skill merits. I think Bougrion can now cast Fire IV if I get the last 7 levels of magic skill skilled up. Or something. I don't really use PUP much anyway.

Ranger 46!

Yet more East Ronfaure [S] EXP, and I hit 46 Ranger!With 45 I get an extra shot in my Barrages and can use Velocity Shot.

Unfortunately, neither is useable capped around level 37, so I haven't gotten to try out either yet.

More Augments!?

Square-Enix gave us another update teaser with stuff on more Augments. With the utter disappointment of the last bunch, I'm not holding up much hope for these ones.

The augments from the Elite Training Regimes are nearly always terrible. My Water Resist+3, AGI+1, DEX-1 Life Belt is pretty awesome and all...except, no, it isn't. It got tossed as soon as I saw it.

I have my Igqira Weskit that I no longer use on BLM (ACP body ftw) muled, so I'll try augmenting that and get MND+3, INT-2, Dark Resist+3 or some crap, but I'm not expecting much. It'll at least be cool fighting an Adamantoise NM in Valley of Sorrows to get it. (I'm predicting it right now!)

The horrible stats are potentially interesting though. HP-40 on gloves might be a shitty stat, but it could allow some jobs to Yellow HP for the level 50 Ring latents more easily.

The only one I can think of that's worth using offhand, on a job that Zenith isn't already available for, would be the Haste+4% one on Ninja (for merit parties or Nyzul Isle or something). Throw in an Imperial Ring and you could have 25% Haste from gear (without a V.belt) and TP in O.kote/N.kote/AF+1/whatever instead of Dusk Gloves.

There's also this typical POL announcement:
A New Challenge Awaits!

The greatest heroes and heroines of Vana'diel—those who have achieved the pinnacles of their respective professions—can also look forward to a new quest that will test the limits of their prodigious powers, and promise rich rewards in kind.
With hordes of fell beasts threatening their ancestral homelands, the pixies would entreat your aid. By entering into a pact with the fey folk to slay one of their notorious foes, high level players will have the opportunity to obtain an augmented item to add to their arsenal.

While Fields of Valor and the elite training regimes offer quick, straightforward objectives that can be enjoyed by lone wolves, this new quest is intended to provide a significant challenge to full parties of up to six veteran adventurers.

To participate in this quest, players must first craft a suitable weapon via a set of new recipes that will be introduced in the coming version update. Entrust one such weapon to the new quest-giving NPC and successfully complete the assigned task, and your weapon will be retuned, freshly endowed with an augment of impressive potency. Should the initial enchantment not be to your liking, you will also have the opportunity to slay a different foe—up to a maximum of five times—to receive a new augment that may better suit your needs.This quest will offer something for everyone, as each member of the victorious party who has accepted the quest will be eligible to reap the augmented reward. Even players who have not accepted the augmentation quest will be compensated for assisting fellow adventurers with a bounty of their own.
Are they talking about people with Level 100 Crafts?

Or are they talking about people with a Level 75 Job(s)?

If it's people with a Level 100 Craft, I'm pissed. What am I going to Cooking me up a Taco Katana or Spaghetti Baghnakhs or something?

Is it going to be "crafted" like PUP/BLU/COR AF is "crafted"? I.e. you hand ingredients to an NPC who gives you your item the next real earth day?

I'd like to know what the other language POL announcements say. The English one is the usual flowery, vague, ambiguous baloney, and I have no idea what it's supposed to mean.

At least they didn't use torturously terrible and twingingly torpid alliteration this time. But couldn't we get some plain, clear English for a change?

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that one of the KS99 orbs dropped a Wyrm Beard, so Tenken finally got his Black Belt! He's been trying to get a Beard forever, so it's well deserved.

Also, I emailed the guys at with a letter-ized form of my rant about the Augments announcement, so they may read it and/or discuss the annoying vagueness that most English POL announcements seem to suffer from. Hopefully, SE will notice and improve future ones.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bull*#@%, Ranger, and Dynamis Oh My!

First, bullshit!Either the auto-jailer is reaaaaaallly fucking slow, or the person claiming to have been auto-banned on Alla is a liar.

Or pretty stupid.

Could be either, honestly.

Ranger Progress!

I got in about 90 minutes of leveling before Dynamis yesterday, and thanks to the last charge on my Anniversary Ring and one charge off my Emperor Ring, I gained two levels and am now level 43.I only used ~300 bolts in that time too, so it was pretty cheap EXP. We killed Ladybugs in addition to Colibri and got Chain #12 at one point which is pretty awesome for a party in the early 40s.

It's amazing how accurate my ranged attacks are between Pot-au-feu (I should really start selling it if I'm going to pimp it every time I mention Ranger...), Accuracy Bonus II, and all my Racc+ gear. Other than my WS all being kind of sucky, Ranger's a pretty fun job so far. I haven't even managed to get myself killed yet.

Dynamis - Buburimu!

After getting some EXP on Ranger, it was time for Dynamis!Things were going pretty smoothly, we killed off all the regular NMs and then it was Mega Boss time.The SV songs got messed up and I don't think I ended up with 6 of them.

Somebody up top also pulled hate, so all the Gravity'd melees got to slooooooooowly walk up top to continue beating on it.We killed it, but about half the alliance was killed in the process.

We farmed afterwards and killed Crabs, Efts, Ravens, and Dhalmels before running out of time.Efts are pretty lame. Between Evilbron on WHM and one of the other WHMs going AFK and then being lost they were pretty bloody too.

The only thing that dropped was a Ranger's Belt (Racc/Ratt+7, AGI+5). It's pretty sweet obviously for any Ranger that shoots for TP. It went free lot for RNG75s and ended up going to Hamichin (has Maat's Cap, wants to lot damn near everything when he shows up).

Other than the nearly complete lack of drops it wasn't a bad run though.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm Back!

As I mentioned, I'm rather unhappy with Comcast. But, I'm back now. (And there was much rejoicing?)

Square-Enix disappoints me by not having any Black Mage Updates on POL as of Monday or even today when they posted about....Circle Job Ability updates?


I mean, sure, they were kind of hilariously useless, but really?

Will they give Accuracy and Attack bonuses now or something and last longer? The picture shows what I think is Warding Circle (anti-Demons, right?) in a fight with a Raptor. Which doesn't make much sense, but then the promo pictures frequently don't.

So, some added bonus regardless of mob you're fighting if you pop one? Maybe the DRG JA would give Wyvern Regen or something?

I'm really only interested in how they work subbed as I don't have any of those jobs to 75.


There's also some new BLU spells. A green glowy thing and some blue lines.

No idea what the first is supposed to be. Maybe some Empty mob ability? I really don't mess with the things enough to recognize it if it is.

The second I'm guessing is maybe a weird Goblin Rush?

Skill Ups?

The thing in the second teaser that will interest the most people is SE apparently realizes that skilling up with Level Sync is kind of annoying. So "low to middle levels" are getting a speed up in skilling up. Hopefully, that means pre-200 skill level.

Will it affect pets like...Automatons? SE hates PUPs, like everyone else, so that probably won't happen.


Meh. Still no Black Mage updates. No new avatars (lol). Hopefully, SE announces something pretty cool soon.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Comcast Sucks Ass

I'm not sure if it's just Comcast sucks in general, have a "Quality of Service" shit that's trashing my packets so my neighbors can get Twilight in HD on On Demand, or just suck in general (or do I repeat myself?), but I haven't been able to load a webpage at 28.8kbps shitty dial up speeds all day.

No, I can't even get fucking pages to load without timing out partially or fully several times and taking 15 fucking minutes.

Forget trying to play, say FFXI, it times out too, because COMCAST FUCKING SUCKS.

Now, everyone, wish me luck trying to post this and then get my fucking blog to load again. Since COMCAST FUCKING SUCKS.

And I haven't even started drinking yet today.

P.S. Happy 4th of July and/or belated Happy "Canadia Day" (whatever that is).

Friday, July 3, 2009

Job Adjustments and Additions Part 2 (Monday?!)

Note: The following post is my best guess as to what Square-Enix has in store for Black Mages on Monday. It's not an actual Squeenix POL release, but I think it's actually pretty realistic a possibility. (It's also kind of meant to mock the Ninja Update.)

Job Adjustments and Additions Part II

New Job Abilities

Masters of elemental and dark magic, the power of black mages is known throughout Vanadiel. Now with the addition of two new abilities, black mages can further enhance their abilities against powerful enemies or in smaller groups.

- Prescience (Lv.50 Ability Delay: 5 min. Duration: 5 min.)
Lowers enmity and increases magic accuracy, but spells' MP cost is increased and the chance of "Conserve MP" activating is reduced. Grants a "Regen" effect.

- Cognizance (Lv.50 Ability Delay: 5 min. Duration: 5 min.)
Increases spell damage and enhances magic evasion, but reduces movement speed and lowers physical defense. Grants a "Refresh" effect while a monster's current target.

- Prescience
Enhances one's abilities against strong foes.
While in effect, Prescience reduces enmity and raises magic accuracy, but MP usage is increased while reducing activation of "Conserve MP." A "Regen" effect is provided as an added bonus.

- Cognizance
Enhances one's abilities in smaller groups.
While in effect, Cognizance increases damage dealt with elemental magic and enhances one's magic evasion, but lowers movement speed and physical defenses. A "Refresh" effect is granted while a monster's current target.

The effects of both Prescience and Cognizance are mutually exclusive. Activating one while the other is in effect will result in the nullification of the one originally in effect.

Prescience and Cognizance have a shared ability delay. For example, a black mage who uses Prescience must wait for five minutes to elapse before either ability becomes usable again.


Up until now, black mages using the job ability Manafont were interrupted if the effect wore off while casting a spell with less than the MP required for its casting. The July update will see black mages short on MP allowed to finish casting any spell that had been started before the Manafont effect wore off.

"Stealth Assasin"?!

So Square-Enix decided to finally announce something that wasn't completely boring in the coming Version Update.

They opted to change it up by making it something completely retarded.

I kind of wonder if there's two groups of people at SE working on FFXI. The Dev Team who obviously don't play their own game (or have any idea who does). And the guy who wrote the Census Survey that seemed to at least know people sell Rare/Ex shit from NMs to each other. That's actually just one group and one guy, but close enough.

Anyway, the much awaited Ninja Update™:
Accomplished in both offense and defense, the art of ninjutsu has over the years proven to be a favorite among adventurers across the land. Now, with the addition of the following two new abilities, ninjas can further enhance either their efficiency in offense or aptitude in defense as befits the situation.

- Yonin (Lv.40 Ability Delay: 5 min. Duration: 5 min.)
Increases enmity and enhances "ninja tool expertise" effect, but impairs accuracy. Grants a bonus to evasion and critical hit rate when in front of target.- Innin (Lv.40 Ability Delay: 5 min. Duration: 5 min.)
Reduces enmity and impairs evasion. Grants a bonus to accuracy, critical hit rate, and ninjutsu damage when striking target from behind.- Yonin
Strengthens one's ability to fend off blows from the enemy.
While in effect, Yonin increases enmity and enhances the effect of "ninja tool expertise" in exchange for reduced accuracy. Further bonuses are granted to evasion and critical hit rate when engaging your target from the front.

The potency of the above effects gradually decreases over time.

- Innin
Strengthens one's ability to deal damage to the enemy.
While in effect, Innin lowers enmity in exchange for reduced evasion. Further bonuses are granted to accuracy, critical hit rate, and ninjutsu damage when striking your target from behind.

As with Yonin, the potency of the above effects gradually decreases over time.
First, there's the attack from the front or back thing. Thieves and Samurai have already shown how annoying people who need to attack from in front or behind are.

(Leethf) "OMG YOU MESSED UP MY SATA!!!!!!!!"
(Evilpaul) "Dear Lord! I want to strangle you!"


(BndwagnSam) "WtF me Ovarweelms wuz messd ^!!!!"
(Evilpaul) "I seriously hate you."

I'm not a fan of standing in front of or behind mobs to not suck at whatever you're doing.

But, there's still specifically why you would want to with these new abilities that's also retarded.

"Yoninja! [Call5]" (This will be in people's macros)

So if I want to hold hate as Ninja, I pop Yonin and get more Enmity (+10? +20?) and get some boost to Ninja Tool Expertise, so I use less Ninja Tools. I'm not sure what the first bonus has to do with the second, but I'm a cheap bastard, so I'm onboard for this so far.

And since I'm standing in front of the mob, and have hate, I get an Evasion Bonus and higher Critical Hit Rate. All right! That's pretty cool!

But my...accuracy is lower? What the fuck? How am I holding hate? I'm eating sushi to start with probably, so now I'm doing crappy damage and missing? How is that useful?

You could say for NIN/DRK and not even using a weapon Ninja is good with like E-rated Hand-to-Hand or not-yet-rated Terra's Staff that an Enmity+X and an Evasion Bonus would be good. And the Enmity+X at least would be. But generating hate as NIN/DRK you practically have to hold back already anyway if you have decent support. So where is this useful?

And it isn't mentioned, but is Ninjutsu Magic Accuracy going to be hosed as well? Should I get the feeling it probably will be?

"Yonin, saving you money on Ninja Tools in Campaign (Now with Unions!!!!) since 2009!"

The Other One is Stupid Too

But enough about the unfathomable stupidity of Yonin, now to discuss the stupidity of Innin. For Innin, you get lower Enmity (-10? -20?) and Evasion, and since you don't have hate anyway, you get an Accuracy Bonus, Critical Hit Rate bonus, and increased Ninjutsu damage.

Now I'm kind of surprised that there's no bonus to shuriken damage, because nobody uses them to do damage either. But I'll stick to just what's here.

Isn't increasing damage when you don't have hate while lowering Enmity something like a Dark Knight would get? Except the Dark Knight would be doing decent damage and probably pull hate anyway?

So, if you're a Ninja and you don't have/want hate, you'll deal more damage? But, and I hate to point out the obvious here, who invites non-tanking DD Ninjas? If you wanted to DD tank why would you want some Enmity reduction and damage bonus while you don't have hate? And who still uses Hyoton?

Is there really a point to Innin? Or to Yonin (outside maybe Campaign or something)?

{{Insert Conclusion Here}}

If I haven't convinced you to preemptively hate Yonin and Innin, then let this closing line from POL help you:
In implementing these new abilities, the development team has taken into consideration character positioning during party play and many other factors. To ensure a smooth gaming experience for all, testing and adjustments will be carried out to the fullest extent that time permits.
Translating it into English, "Shit's broken. We'll be carrying out Emergency Maintenance to fix neither of these things working properly two days after the Update.

Oh, and that Moogle Coup thing will be broken too."

I've got some ideas for a Black Mage update that I'll post in a bit.

We'll see if Square-Enix thought of something equally terrible on Monday I'm betting.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some Leveling, Assault/Nyzul Isle, KV, etc.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm working on leveling Ranger.

But, before starting that up, I finished BRD37. I used up all my Campaign Ops tags doing the obvious easy-solo Op of choice.Terrorist attacks on Quadav Strongholds are fun stuff. :-p

Then, I stabbed some fish.And I dinged 37 Bard, yay!

I'm not sure what uses it actually has other than Raptor Mazurka, but whatever.


He's all grown up now with maxxed physical stats.Now I'm working on getting Gallop and Canter and will probably do a few training regime things to get his mental stats up a level or two.

It'll be extraordinarily boring.

Ranger Leveling!

I shot the crap out of Colibri for an hour or two yesterday and went from 37 to 41! And then my party disbanded immediately when I dinged so I had no buffer. I was surprised by how high my accuracy was even without any Prelude or RNG Rolls. I had no problem hitting the birds at all really. The Pot-au-feu were really awesome. I hope Lesser Colibri are similarly pathetic leveling fodder in the 50s.

Holy Bolt damage seemed to resist a lot, but they're birds and kind of resistant to magic in general. I was surprised how much ammo I went through. About 750 bolts in not very much time. I'll probably make a few stacks of quivers myself to save money. Or just go fishing and buy some.

WS damage was only ~20% more than a regular shot which was a bit disappointing. I'm looking forward to Slugwinder. Barrage was quite fun. It only whiffed entirely once and did ~300 when all the shots landed.

I hope to get to 45 or so today.

Assault/Nyzul Isle!

I did some Assault runs a few nights back.I think it went well. ;-p

We did Saving Private Ryaaf. Other than the picture above it did actually go pretty well and I got a bunch of points.

The next day I did a Floor 100 Nyzul run.I think it went well. ;-p (Getting old yet?)

We had a Hydra boss which spammed stupid TP moves rather than spamming Physical Shield over and over. I fought it Weakened (see above), but Weakened has nothing on Hundred Fists.

The win got us Burning Fists (MNK, 100% since I used tokens as MNK) for Davik, and a Sasuke Katana (NIN) which I think ended up trashed.

It also got Jacinda the Floor 100 clear which was mostly why we didn't just spam Floor 80 like most people seem to.

Being a dumbass, I didn't realize I only had one tag until two hours or so later from Assault two days earlier, so I had to leave after the first run.

I should organize another soon when I'll be able to go for four runs.

Or try and see if I can get people to come help me get new Assault clears and rank up. I've got ~8/25 points and plenty of new clears available.


King Vinegaroon!

After most of the week watching other people kill it, Epic claimed it last night!After an hour watching it walk in circles, we SV buffed and fought it.

Or, so I imagine.

I didn't get to see more than about 90 frames of animation the entire fight.

What happened was after the BRD rotation, the kiting party was brought in, a PLD Invincible'd, CS Stun commenced, and we engaged it.

I used a 300% TP Footwork Dragon Kick for 813 damage (lolDragonKick). Popped Hundred Fists. And then.... My PS2 stopped mid-Hundred Fists activation animation. It didn't black screen, but just sat there. There was still some battle sound effects.

After ~20 seconds of this I got another frame of animation and KV was at 80% HP. My PS2 was still completely unresponsive, so I couldn't use the 100%+ TP I had now.

A while longer and KV's HP dropped to 20%. So, whatever the hell was going on was going well. I guess.

Another pause and it's HP dropped to 0%, there was something in the treasure pool, and KV disappeared instantly as my framerate returned to normal. Our "phatty lootz" included three Earth Crystals and nothing else of value.


Several other people in the LS experienced the same thing. I don't know if I was engaged hitting it the entire time or if I just got the WS plus a few melee strikes listed. I didn't even get the loot pool to show in my chat log or the EXP I gained from it.

Quite irritating.


And that's it for today!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finally Starting up Ranger...

I finally plunked down for Ranger gear, ammo, and food earlier today. It ended up costing ~150k.

The gear provides:
Ranged Accuracy +46 (not counting AGI+'s effect)
Ranged Attack +9
(I'm using a crossbow and holy bolts.)

The food is Pot-au-feu, which according to the Wiki:
Food Effects: (30 minutes, All Races)
Strength +3
Agility +3
Ranged Attack +15~25??%
Ranged Accuracy +10~25??%
Intelligence -3
And my ammo of choice is Holy Bolts. I'll carry some Acids too, but they don't stick on Colibri, so I'm unsure how useful they'll actually be.

I'm looking forward to seeing how I do in a party.