Wednesday, July 15, 2009

50 Ranger! ...I can't do AF?!

I hit 50 Ranger earlier today! I killed two Colibri where I logged out in East Ronfaure [S] and got my shiny new level! Yay!

Now to start AF Quests...and I need to wait until a Full Moon to get the weapon?

The only thing more retarded than having to wait 40 minutes to get from Nashmau to Whitegate because there's only one boat that runs between the Imperial Capital and its largest trading partner, or having to stand around 30 minutes waiting for a Goblin who stands in one place 24 hours a day to open his shop and get a Red Chip, is having to wait almost a full day for a Full Moon so I can start my RNG AF Weapon Quest.

That run-on sentence is as long as it is annoyed.

I started to collect the Rare/Ex drops I'll need for the rest. Coffer Keys and whatnot.

I'm still annoyed though.


  1. I can understand when the "waiting" gets a bit annoying, but come on...

    When one of your friends asks you what you're up to you can reply:

    "I'm currently waiting for a full moon to acquire my sniping bow from Alexius at Lake Mechieume in the vast dense woodlands of... Jugner Forest."

    How cool is that!? <_< lmao

  2. Or.. run out of the east exit of Nashmau, pay the nice BLU a silver (or wave a remnants permit) and slip in to Nyzul Isle and be back in Whitegate in 3-4 mins.

    Unless of course you were fishing/camping some NM on the ship.

  3. At least you didn't have to fight an NM to get the af weapon. Dimensional death vs. waiting for a full moon

    I'll take the moon.