Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bull*#@%, Ranger, and Dynamis Oh My!

First, bullshit!Either the auto-jailer is reaaaaaallly fucking slow, or the person claiming to have been auto-banned on Alla is a liar.

Or pretty stupid.

Could be either, honestly.

Ranger Progress!

I got in about 90 minutes of leveling before Dynamis yesterday, and thanks to the last charge on my Anniversary Ring and one charge off my Emperor Ring, I gained two levels and am now level 43.I only used ~300 bolts in that time too, so it was pretty cheap EXP. We killed Ladybugs in addition to Colibri and got Chain #12 at one point which is pretty awesome for a party in the early 40s.

It's amazing how accurate my ranged attacks are between Pot-au-feu (I should really start selling it if I'm going to pimp it every time I mention Ranger...), Accuracy Bonus II, and all my Racc+ gear. Other than my WS all being kind of sucky, Ranger's a pretty fun job so far. I haven't even managed to get myself killed yet.

Dynamis - Buburimu!

After getting some EXP on Ranger, it was time for Dynamis!Things were going pretty smoothly, we killed off all the regular NMs and then it was Mega Boss time.The SV songs got messed up and I don't think I ended up with 6 of them.

Somebody up top also pulled hate, so all the Gravity'd melees got to slooooooooowly walk up top to continue beating on it.We killed it, but about half the alliance was killed in the process.

We farmed afterwards and killed Crabs, Efts, Ravens, and Dhalmels before running out of time.Efts are pretty lame. Between Evilbron on WHM and one of the other WHMs going AFK and then being lost they were pretty bloody too.

The only thing that dropped was a Ranger's Belt (Racc/Ratt+7, AGI+5). It's pretty sweet obviously for any Ranger that shoots for TP. It went free lot for RNG75s and ended up going to Hamichin (has Maat's Cap, wants to lot damn near everything when he shows up).

Other than the nearly complete lack of drops it wasn't a bad run though.