Monday, July 27, 2009

Campaign Unions Bugged?

I was fooling around with Campaign earlier tonight to get my next Medal Rank Up. I mixed it up going NIN/DNC instead of my usual MNK/DNC. (I kind of want to try the latter again with my shiny new Patronus Ring.)

Anyway, of course like the 10 million other people doing Campaign now I join a Union at every opportunity and netted myself about 70k worth of stuff over a few hours, the second Medal rank, and ~15k EXP.

Which is when I noticed something odd. My PS2 did the fun Black Screen of Death thing it likes to do once in a while when there's a TON of stuff going on. I was really thrilled seeing as that means bye-bye 20 minutes of Campaign EXP and shot at Union rewards.

Except when I logged back in, the Union rewards were still there. The battle had ended and I got no EXP, but the Union Treasure Pool hadn't all been lotted on or auto-sorted yet, and I was still able to lot on it. Bug? Intended but seemingly out of style from the rest of the game feature?

Anyone else had this happen to them? I sent in this bug report (which includes an idea on how the bug/feature could be exploited by a Black Mage):
While joining in a Campaign Battle at Fort Karugo-Narugo tonight my Internet connection dropped out for a few minutes. I had been killing Yagudo for about ten minutes at the time and done enough that I would have been able to earn Union rewards after the battle ended.

Much to my surprise upon logging back in I found that I had a treasure pool and was able to lot on the Union's items. I'm not sure if this is intended behavior or not.

It may also be possible to exploit as a Black Mage by joining Campaign Battles, doing enough to be eligible for Union rewards, cast Retrace to return to town, joining another Campaign battle in a different region, fighting there briefly, and returning to the first region once the battle ends. Thereby collecting rewards from two or more Campaign battles that are occurring concurrently.

(Also, I really would not recommend anyone confirm whether my Black Mage idea works or not. Getting banned over Swamp Ore and Rosewood Logs would be pretty fucking retarded.)

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