Tuesday, July 14, 2009

East Ronfaure [S] EXP

So I've now spent from 37 to almost level 50 Ranger entirely in East Ronfaure [S] killing Colibri and Ladybugs and had a few thoughts on it.

First, isn't there any camp besides the wall directly East of where you are dropped off by the teleport?

There's a bunch of bird pops there, but only Ladybugs other than some pretty far off bird pops. Long pulls are of course not fun with mobs that can outrun you like Colibri. Or presumably as a Bard when you can only use Threnody or Requiem to pull pre-Elegy and they make you spell-locked in place for a moment.

Also, I really hate pulling. A whole lot. The first action on a mob generates extra hate and I don't really need extra hate when I've got powerful and accurate attacks and get a free 25% piercing damage bonus on top of it. I'm also probably the only person using food when we have a tank (or person trying to tank), so ganked Pot-au-feu gets pretty annoying and rather expensive.

Second, Ladybugs (and Biddybugs, Gnats, etc) are Thief mobs.

That means they get Evasion Bonuses and at higher levels Triple Attack. Of course Rangers get Accuracy Bonuses, so when fighting them it seems like myself and any other Ranger there are the only ones doing any damage to them. Especially, if they use their AoE Attack Down since my Added Effect: Light damage still does ~30.

Third, do Colibri get Attack Speed Bonuses or something as they go up in levels?

I have a hard time recasting Utsusemi: Ni as Ninja main between a non-Elegy'd and/or Hojo'd Greater Colibri's attacks, but I can recast Ichi while being beaten on by the Colibri in East Ronfaure [S] as Ranger.

Not every time, but they hit slow enough you can start Ichi right before they swing, they hit you, it continues casting to ~75%, they hit you again, and the spell goes off. (It brings back painful memories of leveling Ninja to 37 several years ago in the Dark Ages of pre-Fields of Valor and no Dancer support job.)

Fourth, is AGI really underrated?

I've got ~63 AGI (base AGI plus ~15 from gear), and I swear I parry about as much with capped Parrying from /NIN as I do on jobs that have native Parrying skill. Also, I'm sure Evasion merits help a bit, but I get missed pretty often too.

Fifth, Campaign music SUCKS.

Seriously, they better have different music in the Icelands when they get addded this update. And they could really use a different Campaign music tune or two. The monotonous and not particularly good tune is grating and terrible when you spend three hours killing the same two types of mobs over and over and over.

I'm not that big a fan of the Ronfaure music either, as blasphemous as that may be, but at least it's not LOUD and obnoxious.

And that's about it. Let me know what you think in comments if you have answers, theories, or some other observations.


  1. ER (S) camping is fun at times, but it has become the new "hot spot" for mid-leveled players. Anyone between level 36-55 will probably know this spot and most people will spend their lives hunting birds (I mean, once you hit 55 I believe you just move on to more birds in Aht Urghan?). And I mean think about it... all those old camps are open and nobody is ever there :( but why not do birds when they give faster and better exp?

    Birds are annoying. They make BLM useless and IMO makes me angry at SE. BLM use to be AWESOME. I mean, remember when a team of BLMs could pwn anything? Now they are just good for end game stuff... but how are people going to level them now unless they solo or level sync in the dunes?

    And BTW, there are indeed 2 bird camps. There is the one along the eastern wall with tons of birds and a few bugs and then there is another directly across from that at H-9? (don't quote me on that ^^;) It is on the tip of the peninsula on the map across from the eastern bird camp. Both are effective but the eastern camp is both safer and faster.

  2. I've come to terms with BLM being relegated to soloing only and SE not caring in the least. Other than it being much slower EXP than burn parties it isn't that bad really.

    PUP and BST aren't wanted in parties at any level or for events, or for endgame, so BLM could be worse off.

    SMN is only wanted in EXP to be a Curebot and is in a worse situation than BLM endgame as well.

    I'd really like to see some job rebalancing, but with how much SE seems to have given up on this game I'm doubting we'll see it.