Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finally Starting up Ranger...

I finally plunked down for Ranger gear, ammo, and food earlier today. It ended up costing ~150k.

The gear provides:
Ranged Accuracy +46 (not counting AGI+'s effect)
Ranged Attack +9
(I'm using a crossbow and holy bolts.)

The food is Pot-au-feu, which according to the Wiki:
Food Effects: (30 minutes, All Races)
Strength +3
Agility +3
Ranged Attack +15~25??%
Ranged Accuracy +10~25??%
Intelligence -3
And my ammo of choice is Holy Bolts. I'll carry some Acids too, but they don't stick on Colibri, so I'm unsure how useful they'll actually be.

I'm looking forward to seeing how I do in a party.


  1. Wow! Pot-au-feu seems like really good food. I have cooking at 93...I should be making this stuff. Is there a particular level range where this stuff really shines? I recently got back into this job (62) from a loooong break where I'd only eat Squid Sushi.

    Two reasons I love RNG: Sidewinder and Slugshot.

    Two reasons I hate RNG: Sidewinder and Slugshot.

  2. It's percentage based, but was phenomenal in the party I was in earlier on Colibri in Ronfaure [S]. I'd guess 30+ it's best. Earlier than that stick to Flounder Meuniere for the static Racc+15.