Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm Back!

As I mentioned, I'm rather unhappy with Comcast. But, I'm back now. (And there was much rejoicing?)

Square-Enix disappoints me by not having any Black Mage Updates on POL as of Monday or even today when they posted about....Circle Job Ability updates?


I mean, sure, they were kind of hilariously useless, but really?

Will they give Accuracy and Attack bonuses now or something and last longer? The picture shows what I think is Warding Circle (anti-Demons, right?) in a fight with a Raptor. Which doesn't make much sense, but then the promo pictures frequently don't.

So, some added bonus regardless of mob you're fighting if you pop one? Maybe the DRG JA would give Wyvern Regen or something?

I'm really only interested in how they work subbed as I don't have any of those jobs to 75.


There's also some new BLU spells. A green glowy thing and some blue lines.

No idea what the first is supposed to be. Maybe some Empty mob ability? I really don't mess with the things enough to recognize it if it is.

The second I'm guessing is maybe a weird Goblin Rush?

Skill Ups?

The thing in the second teaser that will interest the most people is SE apparently realizes that skilling up with Level Sync is kind of annoying. So "low to middle levels" are getting a speed up in skilling up. Hopefully, that means pre-200 skill level.

Will it affect pets like...Automatons? SE hates PUPs, like everyone else, so that probably won't happen.


Meh. Still no Black Mage updates. No new avatars (lol). Hopefully, SE announces something pretty cool soon.

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  1. SE is pissing me off. Why can't they just change the things that need fixing and stop mending things that don't? :-(

    And WTF happened to the new avatar? <(-.-)> (grumble grumble...)