Friday, July 3, 2009

Job Adjustments and Additions Part 2 (Monday?!)

Note: The following post is my best guess as to what Square-Enix has in store for Black Mages on Monday. It's not an actual Squeenix POL release, but I think it's actually pretty realistic a possibility. (It's also kind of meant to mock the Ninja Update.)

Job Adjustments and Additions Part II

New Job Abilities

Masters of elemental and dark magic, the power of black mages is known throughout Vanadiel. Now with the addition of two new abilities, black mages can further enhance their abilities against powerful enemies or in smaller groups.

- Prescience (Lv.50 Ability Delay: 5 min. Duration: 5 min.)
Lowers enmity and increases magic accuracy, but spells' MP cost is increased and the chance of "Conserve MP" activating is reduced. Grants a "Regen" effect.

- Cognizance (Lv.50 Ability Delay: 5 min. Duration: 5 min.)
Increases spell damage and enhances magic evasion, but reduces movement speed and lowers physical defense. Grants a "Refresh" effect while a monster's current target.

- Prescience
Enhances one's abilities against strong foes.
While in effect, Prescience reduces enmity and raises magic accuracy, but MP usage is increased while reducing activation of "Conserve MP." A "Regen" effect is provided as an added bonus.

- Cognizance
Enhances one's abilities in smaller groups.
While in effect, Cognizance increases damage dealt with elemental magic and enhances one's magic evasion, but lowers movement speed and physical defenses. A "Refresh" effect is granted while a monster's current target.

The effects of both Prescience and Cognizance are mutually exclusive. Activating one while the other is in effect will result in the nullification of the one originally in effect.

Prescience and Cognizance have a shared ability delay. For example, a black mage who uses Prescience must wait for five minutes to elapse before either ability becomes usable again.


Up until now, black mages using the job ability Manafont were interrupted if the effect wore off while casting a spell with less than the MP required for its casting. The July update will see black mages short on MP allowed to finish casting any spell that had been started before the Manafont effect wore off.

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