Monday, July 13, 2009

KS99 Wyrm as Monk, More Ranger, and More Augments!?

We were shorthanded to do Tier 3 Einherjar on Saturday, so we did a bunch of KS99 The Early Bird Catches the Wyrm instead. I've got more than enough KS to do a bunch of orbs, but didn't feel like bringing one.

After gathering at Balga's Dais, we went in.I usually would go as Black Mage, but today I was asked to come Monk instead.I'm somewhere in the pile of people by Wyrm's left foot there.

The fight went well, and we killed Wyrm.Jamarn can be seen deleveled to 74 in the last pic too. :-p

I was pretty surprised to see how low Wyrm's evasion and defense were. When I wasn't blinded from Hurricane Wing, I had zero problem hitting it. And between Haste, March, Minuet, and a Mithkabob I was hitting it pretty hard and fast.

Enough so that I pulled hate a lot and ended up getting Absolute Terror'd four times in a row (it doesn't stack/overwrite itself).Of course, I ended up biting it on the second and third orbs at least once each. I got R1'd and Hundred Fisted Wyrm's ass as a "Thank you!" on Orb #2. Two WS for about 1,000 damage total plus HF DoT helped to finish him off.

More on the accuracy/damage issue though, it seems unless you pack Eye Drops or have a mage spamming Blindna on you (which would be pretty annoying for the mage particularly if you're bitching, "/p Blindna!!!" every 2 seconds), you'll probably want to use either Sushi or Marinara Pizza as your food for Wyrm fights as a decently geared Monk.

If you have full/lots of Usukane pieces and a Cuculain's Mantle, maybe you could still pull off Meat. (I don't really TP in that much Accuracy gear though as Monk, just Acc Rings, Shura Togi, and Faith Torque pretty much.)

I'm really hoping for Marinara Pizza Slices added next update or something to make eating Pizzas full-time more practical for my inventory.

Campaign and Merits!

I decided to go do some Campaign to get back my ~4k or so of lost buffer on Monk.It turns out that the Quadav NM's pet Peistes are actually really weak if you have a little help from a mage who Blinds them to cancel that Petrify-stare glowing orange eye crap they do. The Haste and occassional Cure IV don't hurt either.

I also got ~1.1k worth of limit points and got merit point #3 stored up. Which I put to use and now have 2/5 Automaton Magic Skill merits. I think Bougrion can now cast Fire IV if I get the last 7 levels of magic skill skilled up. Or something. I don't really use PUP much anyway.

Ranger 46!

Yet more East Ronfaure [S] EXP, and I hit 46 Ranger!With 45 I get an extra shot in my Barrages and can use Velocity Shot.

Unfortunately, neither is useable capped around level 37, so I haven't gotten to try out either yet.

More Augments!?

Square-Enix gave us another update teaser with stuff on more Augments. With the utter disappointment of the last bunch, I'm not holding up much hope for these ones.

The augments from the Elite Training Regimes are nearly always terrible. My Water Resist+3, AGI+1, DEX-1 Life Belt is pretty awesome and all...except, no, it isn't. It got tossed as soon as I saw it.

I have my Igqira Weskit that I no longer use on BLM (ACP body ftw) muled, so I'll try augmenting that and get MND+3, INT-2, Dark Resist+3 or some crap, but I'm not expecting much. It'll at least be cool fighting an Adamantoise NM in Valley of Sorrows to get it. (I'm predicting it right now!)

The horrible stats are potentially interesting though. HP-40 on gloves might be a shitty stat, but it could allow some jobs to Yellow HP for the level 50 Ring latents more easily.

The only one I can think of that's worth using offhand, on a job that Zenith isn't already available for, would be the Haste+4% one on Ninja (for merit parties or Nyzul Isle or something). Throw in an Imperial Ring and you could have 25% Haste from gear (without a V.belt) and TP in O.kote/N.kote/AF+1/whatever instead of Dusk Gloves.

There's also this typical POL announcement:
A New Challenge Awaits!

The greatest heroes and heroines of Vana'diel—those who have achieved the pinnacles of their respective professions—can also look forward to a new quest that will test the limits of their prodigious powers, and promise rich rewards in kind.
With hordes of fell beasts threatening their ancestral homelands, the pixies would entreat your aid. By entering into a pact with the fey folk to slay one of their notorious foes, high level players will have the opportunity to obtain an augmented item to add to their arsenal.

While Fields of Valor and the elite training regimes offer quick, straightforward objectives that can be enjoyed by lone wolves, this new quest is intended to provide a significant challenge to full parties of up to six veteran adventurers.

To participate in this quest, players must first craft a suitable weapon via a set of new recipes that will be introduced in the coming version update. Entrust one such weapon to the new quest-giving NPC and successfully complete the assigned task, and your weapon will be retuned, freshly endowed with an augment of impressive potency. Should the initial enchantment not be to your liking, you will also have the opportunity to slay a different foe—up to a maximum of five times—to receive a new augment that may better suit your needs.This quest will offer something for everyone, as each member of the victorious party who has accepted the quest will be eligible to reap the augmented reward. Even players who have not accepted the augmentation quest will be compensated for assisting fellow adventurers with a bounty of their own.
Are they talking about people with Level 100 Crafts?

Or are they talking about people with a Level 75 Job(s)?

If it's people with a Level 100 Craft, I'm pissed. What am I going to Cooking me up a Taco Katana or Spaghetti Baghnakhs or something?

Is it going to be "crafted" like PUP/BLU/COR AF is "crafted"? I.e. you hand ingredients to an NPC who gives you your item the next real earth day?

I'd like to know what the other language POL announcements say. The English one is the usual flowery, vague, ambiguous baloney, and I have no idea what it's supposed to mean.

At least they didn't use torturously terrible and twingingly torpid alliteration this time. But couldn't we get some plain, clear English for a change?

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that one of the KS99 orbs dropped a Wyrm Beard, so Tenken finally got his Black Belt! He's been trying to get a Beard forever, so it's well deserved.

Also, I emailed the guys at with a letter-ized form of my rant about the Augments announcement, so they may read it and/or discuss the annoying vagueness that most English POL announcements seem to suffer from. Hopefully, SE will notice and improve future ones.

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