Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So I'm going to get banned for Yonin apparently?

I had an interesting night. Just picked up a friend from the hospital who tried to kill herself. Hint: "Interesting" is code for "bad." I generally don't like to go to hospitals and prefer my friends to remain non-corpsey.

But anyway, Kimiko posted this earlier.
Yonin, the new Ninja job ability, is currently not working as intended. Instead it is currently allowing players to use ninja tools without expending them (100% proc rate ninja tool expertise). GM’s have confirmed that this is indeed a glitch and suggested serious consequences for “anyone found to be unduly rewarded from this previously unreported bug. Please encourage any other players you know to report this as quickly as possible in order to avoid serious consequences.”

So in otherwords, DON’T ABUSE IT! Let them get their stuff fixed and life will be kosher. Ok?

I’ll have an update with some initial thoughts on the version update, and a long overdue regular post to go with it tomorrow.
So I get home to find out that hey maybe I'll get banned for using Yonin to save 10 sneak/invis tools while trying to find my way to Xarcabard [S].

I have some pretty cool pictures of me soloing a VT Gargoyle (however they spelled it ingame?) in Beaucedine [S] before two Blue Mages pulled a Taurus next to it, gave it Attack Up x3 from its AoE buff, and it killed me at 40%.

I also fooled around with Innin a lot more in Campaign last night to get 1.2k EXP and be able to rank up to Medals. Which netted me a Cobra Unit Harness of Hawtness for my Puppetmaster. I'd say that wearing it was why 300 people /checked me over night, but 300 people checked me in Whitegate over night wearing NQ Noct shit. And it's not like I'm wearing a new Relic Weapon everytime you see me or something.


Tragically, attacking from behind doesn't work >50% of the time on Quadavs, so Innin kind of sucks ass for Bastok Campaign people.

All 6 of us.

But the enmity reduction on Innin and the boost from Yonin are quite apparent. Brutala from Hades sent me a /tell that he tested it with a friend and they found it was +~24 Enmity on Yonin. He said there may have been some testing flaws or rounding errors, but that's still pretty awesome.

You can now keep the same hate with a Yagudo drink in place of Refresh as NIN/DRK I guess. I haven't done much outside Byakko as NIN/DRK, but Byakko is a pretty good demonstration of the importance of support for NIN/DRK tanking. If you've got decent damage reduction and enmity gear (not the best) and have Refresh, Haste, and March x2 for capped Utsusemi recasts you can stay alive fairly easily with decent support. If you don't have one of those things, it'll be a fucking bloodbath.

So indirectly lessening the dependence of NIN/DRK on support does increase its utility. Unfortunately, being able to wear more defensive gear or something and have the same hate generating abilities with Yonin really doesn't make people want to use NINs to tank more than PLDs.

And getting all your Ninjas banned because they cast Hojo: Ni too many times before the inevitable, stupid emergency maintenance doesn't help either.

But back to the Gargoyle soloing...

I wanted to comment on my VT Gargoyle soloing attempt a bit. Not because I'm sure other NINs and THFs pulled it off and will tell me I suck. (I'm sure they did.) But, because I experimented with Yonin on it. First, if Gargoyles are not THF mobs I'll eat my hat. I had pretty fucking bad accuracy even after eating Squid Sushi.

Secondly, they seem to be a LOT harder to hit in the air. They seem to have a damage based fly and land thing like Wyrms. And it seems to be a big stat boost or something because I did inaccurate shitty damage to the one I was fighting while it was flying.

Fuck Moogles

I also wanted to give my impression of the new mini-expansion. But, I didn't buy it because I'm not an abused spouse, so I can just go by what others have said. Which is it is retarded like the first one. Except without the story. And the story in the first one was pretty retarded, so I don't think Moogles overthrowing governments has much going for it.

GM Calls

I called a GM to ask if I was being banned before going AFK to write this, so hopefully you'll still have the misfortune to see me if you're on Hades server in the future.

If not, as the French say, "TTFN!"


  1. Eh, I doubt that you'll get banned. This was fixed way too fast for you to really abuse it. Not like it was known for weeks and just now being fixed.

  2. And the thing is that you'd get banned if they weren't able to fix it and you did it basically knowingly that it was a glitch.

    The post you refer to kinda becomes fair warning in that regard.