Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some Leveling, Assault/Nyzul Isle, KV, etc.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm working on leveling Ranger.

But, before starting that up, I finished BRD37. I used up all my Campaign Ops tags doing the obvious easy-solo Op of choice.Terrorist attacks on Quadav Strongholds are fun stuff. :-p

Then, I stabbed some fish.And I dinged 37 Bard, yay!

I'm not sure what uses it actually has other than Raptor Mazurka, but whatever.


He's all grown up now with maxxed physical stats.Now I'm working on getting Gallop and Canter and will probably do a few training regime things to get his mental stats up a level or two.

It'll be extraordinarily boring.

Ranger Leveling!

I shot the crap out of Colibri for an hour or two yesterday and went from 37 to 41! And then my party disbanded immediately when I dinged so I had no buffer. I was surprised by how high my accuracy was even without any Prelude or RNG Rolls. I had no problem hitting the birds at all really. The Pot-au-feu were really awesome. I hope Lesser Colibri are similarly pathetic leveling fodder in the 50s.

Holy Bolt damage seemed to resist a lot, but they're birds and kind of resistant to magic in general. I was surprised how much ammo I went through. About 750 bolts in not very much time. I'll probably make a few stacks of quivers myself to save money. Or just go fishing and buy some.

WS damage was only ~20% more than a regular shot which was a bit disappointing. I'm looking forward to Slugwinder. Barrage was quite fun. It only whiffed entirely once and did ~300 when all the shots landed.

I hope to get to 45 or so today.

Assault/Nyzul Isle!

I did some Assault runs a few nights back.I think it went well. ;-p

We did Saving Private Ryaaf. Other than the picture above it did actually go pretty well and I got a bunch of points.

The next day I did a Floor 100 Nyzul run.I think it went well. ;-p (Getting old yet?)

We had a Hydra boss which spammed stupid TP moves rather than spamming Physical Shield over and over. I fought it Weakened (see above), but Weakened has nothing on Hundred Fists.

The win got us Burning Fists (MNK, 100% since I used tokens as MNK) for Davik, and a Sasuke Katana (NIN) which I think ended up trashed.

It also got Jacinda the Floor 100 clear which was mostly why we didn't just spam Floor 80 like most people seem to.

Being a dumbass, I didn't realize I only had one tag until two hours or so later from Assault two days earlier, so I had to leave after the first run.

I should organize another soon when I'll be able to go for four runs.

Or try and see if I can get people to come help me get new Assault clears and rank up. I've got ~8/25 points and plenty of new clears available.


King Vinegaroon!

After most of the week watching other people kill it, Epic claimed it last night!After an hour watching it walk in circles, we SV buffed and fought it.

Or, so I imagine.

I didn't get to see more than about 90 frames of animation the entire fight.

What happened was after the BRD rotation, the kiting party was brought in, a PLD Invincible'd, CS Stun commenced, and we engaged it.

I used a 300% TP Footwork Dragon Kick for 813 damage (lolDragonKick). Popped Hundred Fists. And then.... My PS2 stopped mid-Hundred Fists activation animation. It didn't black screen, but just sat there. There was still some battle sound effects.

After ~20 seconds of this I got another frame of animation and KV was at 80% HP. My PS2 was still completely unresponsive, so I couldn't use the 100%+ TP I had now.

A while longer and KV's HP dropped to 20%. So, whatever the hell was going on was going well. I guess.

Another pause and it's HP dropped to 0%, there was something in the treasure pool, and KV disappeared instantly as my framerate returned to normal. Our "phatty lootz" included three Earth Crystals and nothing else of value.


Several other people in the LS experienced the same thing. I don't know if I was engaged hitting it the entire time or if I just got the WS plus a few melee strikes listed. I didn't even get the loot pool to show in my chat log or the EXP I gained from it.

Quite irritating.


And that's it for today!


  1. I finally made a few batches of Pot-au-feu last night. I tried it out as RNG62/NIN and didn't notice any distinct loss of ranged accuracy. Then again, I can't make a solid comparison since I've been typically eating squid as RNG/WAR with fire staff in LS-only exp parties (but only with PLD tank).

    In any case, last night was a lot of fun with that food. Me and another RNG buddy kept trying to steal hate from the PLD tank with barrage and/or Slugwinder at the start haha.

  2. 750 bolts for four levels is a great arrows-to-exp ratio.

    My tip: Leave any party that isn't making at least a level an hour. It's a sign that you're the only one dealing damage, and you're going to blow through a stack of arrows too fast for shitty EXP.

    Acid bolts stick, but it might take a few shots. Those colibri might not bounce back magic spells, but they have the same ridiculous amount of magic resistance.

    I actually had a shitty party in Ronfaure [S] today. Man was it disappointing.