Monday, July 27, 2009

Speaking of Campaign Unions....

Are the casting lots at the end in Campaign Unions not random, are people cheating, or are they proof there is in fact a God and s/he rather fucking hates me?

I'm 0/~80 on items today.

They seemed to have figured out over on BG that getting a killshot is what determines who's Union will get the items that the enemies drop upon defeat (with killshots on Enemy Leaders potentially rewarding 100s of Dynamis currency).

In addition to granting more EXP.

Which was pretty retarded in FF8.

But at least in FF8 all the characters were under your control and there wasn't some dickhead Samurai who shows up at 1% health and uses his over-powered Weaponskill of Supreme Fuckheadness to steal EXP and a chance at an item from you.

While being a generally huge douchebag thing to do, I think that pulling mobs far away and prolonging the battle as well as getting the killshot is probably going to be what I do on melee jobs from now on.

On BLM or SCH I'll just toss random nukes (or AoE buffs as SCH) and then HUEG LIEK XBOX NUKES to steal other people's EXP and items.

That seems to be what Square-Enix intends if they can't make anything in FFXI rewarding to cooperate with other players.

Anyway, I think I'll probably switch to BLM and finish exploring Beaucedine [S] and move on to Xarcabard [S]. I just need to zone in to be able to use the C.A. teleport there, so that's probably what I'll do.

That, or go back to leveling Ranger some more. AF is finished, afterall.

Campaign in Xarcabard [S] looks pretty entertaining too. You can apparently MPK everyone with those gigantic Dragons/Yovra rip-offs for the lulz. A fitting reward for the jerkass Samurais.

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