Friday, July 3, 2009

"Stealth Assasin"?!

So Square-Enix decided to finally announce something that wasn't completely boring in the coming Version Update.

They opted to change it up by making it something completely retarded.

I kind of wonder if there's two groups of people at SE working on FFXI. The Dev Team who obviously don't play their own game (or have any idea who does). And the guy who wrote the Census Survey that seemed to at least know people sell Rare/Ex shit from NMs to each other. That's actually just one group and one guy, but close enough.

Anyway, the much awaited Ninja Update™:
Accomplished in both offense and defense, the art of ninjutsu has over the years proven to be a favorite among adventurers across the land. Now, with the addition of the following two new abilities, ninjas can further enhance either their efficiency in offense or aptitude in defense as befits the situation.

- Yonin (Lv.40 Ability Delay: 5 min. Duration: 5 min.)
Increases enmity and enhances "ninja tool expertise" effect, but impairs accuracy. Grants a bonus to evasion and critical hit rate when in front of target.- Innin (Lv.40 Ability Delay: 5 min. Duration: 5 min.)
Reduces enmity and impairs evasion. Grants a bonus to accuracy, critical hit rate, and ninjutsu damage when striking target from behind.- Yonin
Strengthens one's ability to fend off blows from the enemy.
While in effect, Yonin increases enmity and enhances the effect of "ninja tool expertise" in exchange for reduced accuracy. Further bonuses are granted to evasion and critical hit rate when engaging your target from the front.

The potency of the above effects gradually decreases over time.

- Innin
Strengthens one's ability to deal damage to the enemy.
While in effect, Innin lowers enmity in exchange for reduced evasion. Further bonuses are granted to accuracy, critical hit rate, and ninjutsu damage when striking your target from behind.

As with Yonin, the potency of the above effects gradually decreases over time.
First, there's the attack from the front or back thing. Thieves and Samurai have already shown how annoying people who need to attack from in front or behind are.

(Leethf) "OMG YOU MESSED UP MY SATA!!!!!!!!"
(Evilpaul) "Dear Lord! I want to strangle you!"


(BndwagnSam) "WtF me Ovarweelms wuz messd ^!!!!"
(Evilpaul) "I seriously hate you."

I'm not a fan of standing in front of or behind mobs to not suck at whatever you're doing.

But, there's still specifically why you would want to with these new abilities that's also retarded.

"Yoninja! [Call5]" (This will be in people's macros)

So if I want to hold hate as Ninja, I pop Yonin and get more Enmity (+10? +20?) and get some boost to Ninja Tool Expertise, so I use less Ninja Tools. I'm not sure what the first bonus has to do with the second, but I'm a cheap bastard, so I'm onboard for this so far.

And since I'm standing in front of the mob, and have hate, I get an Evasion Bonus and higher Critical Hit Rate. All right! That's pretty cool!

But my...accuracy is lower? What the fuck? How am I holding hate? I'm eating sushi to start with probably, so now I'm doing crappy damage and missing? How is that useful?

You could say for NIN/DRK and not even using a weapon Ninja is good with like E-rated Hand-to-Hand or not-yet-rated Terra's Staff that an Enmity+X and an Evasion Bonus would be good. And the Enmity+X at least would be. But generating hate as NIN/DRK you practically have to hold back already anyway if you have decent support. So where is this useful?

And it isn't mentioned, but is Ninjutsu Magic Accuracy going to be hosed as well? Should I get the feeling it probably will be?

"Yonin, saving you money on Ninja Tools in Campaign (Now with Unions!!!!) since 2009!"

The Other One is Stupid Too

But enough about the unfathomable stupidity of Yonin, now to discuss the stupidity of Innin. For Innin, you get lower Enmity (-10? -20?) and Evasion, and since you don't have hate anyway, you get an Accuracy Bonus, Critical Hit Rate bonus, and increased Ninjutsu damage.

Now I'm kind of surprised that there's no bonus to shuriken damage, because nobody uses them to do damage either. But I'll stick to just what's here.

Isn't increasing damage when you don't have hate while lowering Enmity something like a Dark Knight would get? Except the Dark Knight would be doing decent damage and probably pull hate anyway?

So, if you're a Ninja and you don't have/want hate, you'll deal more damage? But, and I hate to point out the obvious here, who invites non-tanking DD Ninjas? If you wanted to DD tank why would you want some Enmity reduction and damage bonus while you don't have hate? And who still uses Hyoton?

Is there really a point to Innin? Or to Yonin (outside maybe Campaign or something)?

{{Insert Conclusion Here}}

If I haven't convinced you to preemptively hate Yonin and Innin, then let this closing line from POL help you:
In implementing these new abilities, the development team has taken into consideration character positioning during party play and many other factors. To ensure a smooth gaming experience for all, testing and adjustments will be carried out to the fullest extent that time permits.
Translating it into English, "Shit's broken. We'll be carrying out Emergency Maintenance to fix neither of these things working properly two days after the Update.

Oh, and that Moogle Coup thing will be broken too."

I've got some ideas for a Black Mage update that I'll post in a bit.

We'll see if Square-Enix thought of something equally terrible on Monday I'm betting.

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