Friday, July 24, 2009

Thoughts on the Version Update & What I've been up to...

So the Version Update arrived on Monday along with the Moogle Kupo Somethingerother. I'm less than not at all interested in the latter, so I'll stick to the Update itself.

While not great, it does at least add a bunch of like Unions in Campaign which provide, chance-based of course, but actual tangible rewards. I've only been in one so far, but there was a Kabura quiver, Byne bills, and some new ores of various kinds worth a few K gil a piece.

I've been playing around on Ninja again to try out the Yonin and Innin job abilities. And so far, I have to say I'm pretty impressed.

The Enmity+20 or so from Yonin really allows you to not have to gear much Enmity+ at all to hold hate as well as before. Because Enmity loss from damage is related to the percentage of your HP, and because more HP = less likely to die suddenly, you can now wear HP in places you'd previously worn Enmity+. Or damage reduction or possibly even Evasion/Evasion skill+ depending on what you're tanking.

Innin I haven't seen testing of yet, but beating on mobs other people were also attacking I could go all-out and wasn't pulling hate. The attacking from behind thing is kind of lame on Quadavs though which can become invincible to attacks from behind.

New Zones

I've only briefly explored Beaucedine Glacier [S], but it seems like a nice addition. There's some Dvrger skull looking things with 2k HP that might make good BLM -ga3 Manaburn fodder. And some Tough Gigas's Tigers as well.

I also had to try out Yonin and solo a VT Gargoyle mob, which I knew nothing about.It turns out that they're real bastards in the air. I got it down to about 40% HP and then two Blue Mages decided to come fight a Red Taurus right next to me.

Interesting fact: Red Taurus have an AoE Attack Up buff that stacks.

Yeah. That didn't help much. I got overwhelmed with some quick damage.A White Mage passerby was nice enough to Raise III me though.

The fight would have been much easier if I was able to stick debuffs consistently. The gargoyles are unsurprisingly dark-based and basically immune to Blind. Jubaku stuck maybe half the time. Hojo stick slightly more often.

A Crystalline Prophecy Revisited

I helped out with the Fei'Yin figh in ACP again.I think in the future I'll let somebody with Third Eye aggro first. I ended up having that fucking Goblin attacking me from behind nearly the entire goddamned fight and he beat the living hell out of me.

Thankfully, Yuna was there, not Evilbron, so we won with only one death (Verm). And since I'm pretty sure he needed the clear and I don't think you lose EXP in there I don't think he was too upset about it.

Also, remember kids: NEVER TAKE YOUR FRIENDS FOR GRANITE. That was my totally rad reward. It'll land me 5k from the AH if it ever sells (unlikely).

Meh, whatever.


We did Einherjar later and timed out on the boss.Can't win 'em all.


Fire in the Hole!!!!!!

I finally got this fucking awful, stupid, and unevenly difficult mission done!!!!I'm now a few Missions/Quests further in and hopefully will get caught up with Wings of the Goddess Missions before they finish the expansion (finally).

Random NM of the Week

While walking to San d'Oria in one of like five trips there for the WotG Quests/Missions, I saw this.0/1, but I'm not too disappointed. My first time seeing it in ~5 years playing.

Also, I saw this.From the first angle I noticed it it reminded me of Antlions from FF4 and FF9. Of course I couldn't get it right for the picture when I tried, so the pic doesn't look much like it.


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  1. {Carbuncle}ations on finally finishing AdeLAID in the Hole.

    The mission had been the biggest pain for me because she was such a fucking idiot.