Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What I've been up to

I don't just complain about lame Version Updates, I've also actually been doing things in-game this week.


I did more SCNMs.I switched from using Howling Fist on high DEF/EVA mobs on Monk to using Ascetic's Fury.

Mostly, because it turns mobs black when you blink the animation off with a gear swap back to TP gear part-way through.

As far as damage from it goes, it's about the same. Howling Fist has a 3.0 fTP multiplier and pretty decent STR/VIT modifiers. Ascetic's Fury has a 1.0 fTP multiplier and roughly the same STR/VIT modifiers and it can crit (while Howling Fist can't without /THF). Purportedly, Ascetic's Fury also gets some large Attack+% bonus like Mandalic Stab.

Since the two seem to perform similarly with Ascetic's spiking higher once in a while, and I can turn every mob in the game black which is fun for freaking other people out, AF it is! I would encourage fellow Monks to climb Nyzul Isle and have fun with it too.

As for actual NMs killed and whatnot...We did Orcs. Like this one which spams Jump for massive damage on its targets. He's easy to tank as /NIN though, you just let him Jump on you twice and run out of range and recast Utsusemi on Jump #3. He pauses in place like most mobs who got out of ranged on a TP move, so even Ichi is easy to put up.We killed him easily and did all but one of the other NMs that we needed more BLM for or something.

Which makes us 6/8 on the sealed containers because Evilbron was lotting them and she fails at everything and warped early so somebody else had to lot the last one before it dropped.

The La Vaulle BCNM is supposed to be fun and has a really nice WS headpiece for 2h jobs.

Ranger AF!

I woke up bright and early to try and run to beat the moon from descending out of 93% full so I could finally get started on my RNG AF1 weapon quest. I raced to Jugner Forest and checked the ???.I thought the moon was decreasing, but apparently it was increasing, so I made it with plenty of time and was able to complete the quest.

Then I had to /heal afterwards because RNG50/BLM25 doesn't have 200MP for two Warp spells. >.>

Then I flagged the other quests and started on them. I was pretty amused to see that, yes, everyone else on Hades is leveling RNG. I know this because five other people were doing RNG AF at the same time (since you can only start it during a Full Moon).

I went to Castle O. for the next part of the AF Quest. Scavenging an earring from a pool.I saved one of the other people doing RNG AF at the same time who went as RNG60 to try for the old earring.

I went BLM/RNG and ended up going 1/6 on it. The 6th try I equipped my Smart Grenade and popped Sharpshot (I have 200 Throwing on BLM), so my well-founded hypothesis is that Scavenge success is dependent on Ranged Accuracy.

Or not, but the Wiki discussion page has people /RNG going 0/39 and shit while people like a THF who may have had a X-bow equipped going 1/1. I don't really care since I'll never be doing this quest again.

After that, it was time to flag the hands quest and try for coffers. Including the coffer in Garlaige Citadel. I hate that coffer.Some Metal Gear Solid stuff in Monastic Cavern and Crawler's Nest quickly netted me two nice new pieces of AF.

I knew Garlaige would suck and I didn't feel like trying to get three people to come open the doors for me, so I decided to try soloing the AF3 NM. I went to Xarcabard and popped it.From reading the Wiki article it sounded like there was a pretty good chance of losing solo as NIN/DNC.

The discussion page of the article made it sound mixed. Lots of people playing FFXI are pretty incompetent or don't have a job/gear capable of pulling off certain solos, afterall.

The actual fight wasn't that hard. The tiger's accuracy is poor to start with on a Ninja in evasion gear. Worse when it's blinded and has Accuracy Down from Blade: Kamu.

It can use Roar (AoE Paralyze) and casts Graviga which wipes shadows and reduces your evasion and movement speed though. Add in Healing Waltz having a long ass recast timer and it can make for some sticky situations. Particularly when the tiger uses both within seconds of one another. No shadows, you're paralyzed, and your evasion took a large hit. Not good.

The worst shape I was in my HP never hit orange. The fight took about 10 minutes and I got 66 EXP and 99 Ice Arrows (with AF waiting for me in Windy) as my reward.I'd be surprised if a PLD/RDM or other turtled self-healing job combo couldn't take the NM down even easier. Contrary to the Wiki it really wasn't much of an offensive powerhouse.


Then, it was on to Garlaige Citadel. You need four people for the stupid Banishing Gates which makes it rather annoying. You can get in from the back entrance using Sauromugue [S] though making Gates 1 and 3 a non-issue.

Of course, everyone does that now.

So I spent 15 hours logged in standing there waiting for somebody to get the coffer from behind gate #2.But it finally was there despite nobody opening Gate #2 somehow, so I got my key item, killed Dark Spark, and have Hunter's Bracers.

So I'm 5/5 on the Ranger Artifact set! Yay!

Now to go level some more.

RNG AF Story

Being a Bastoker for Life™ I've got to say the RNG AF story really didn't make much sense to me.

Apparently "sin" is hereditary with Mithras? And magicite made a bow super awesome, but turned all but two people who used it evil? And there was another bow that was also awesome, but didn't have magicite or turn people evil? And secret mithran bathing techniques can remove hereditary "sin" scents?

Not a clue what was going on to be completely honest. Maybe the optional WS Quest in the 70s will explain it a bit further.

Screenshot of the Day!

I choose you, person who picked the most chickenshit character in the worst Final Fantasy game to name himself after (with the obligatory added 'x')!I have no idea who he/she is, but I do hate FF8 with the fiery passion of a million Foreman grills.

You can't say I plagiarized that quote from Spoony, because I'm also posting a link to the finale of his FF8 Review. It's an entertaining send-off to a truly awful game.

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  1. You can get behind banishing gate #2 by going to Garliage in the past and completing the mini-quest with the lycopodmium. There is also a similar mini-quest for batallia and gustaberg to get up those annoying places in the present where you would otherwise have to go around.