Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where are all the EXP parties?

I've been LFP for almost 4 hours today and not one invite. I could have had a 2x Emperor Ring day, but it fucking wore off before I got a party invite.

Well, I did get a East Ronfaure [S] party invite, a level 51 invite, and a level 53 invite.

I'm tired of East Ronfaure [S]. I spent nearly all of 37 -> 55 there. I've had enough of it.

My Ranger is level 56. I want to Slug Shot stuff. Split Shot is nowhere near as fun. I get Slug Shot at 55, damn it!

I should also make myself some Silver Bullets and have firearm-related fun at level 60 for a bit. Crossbows are cool and all, but I only get ~50% TP from a fully-landed Barrage. And the Slug Shots aren't as big as Bow or Gun ones.


Friday, August 28, 2009


Two of my dearest friends have moved to Florida. I hope they will both be well and hope to see them again in a year or so...if they come back like they are planning to.

I'll miss you guys.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Freaky Stuff.

So for the past week or so there's been frequent thunderstorms here and my power has been flicking off for a few seconds or a couple minutes before coming back on. This is particularly irritating because it usually means I have to go unplug my cable modem and router and then plug them back in to get them working again. I also have to re-set three clocks.

But such is life.

What was rather freaky was it happened the other night. I was out very late and walked home *ahem* a little bit...out of it. I was the only person home, besides the cat, so the house had been locked all day. I unlocked the door, go inside, and flip the light on so I can see. I turned around pushed the door shut, turn the lock, and literally that instant all the lights go out!


Having just put the lights on I couldn't see shit for a few moments. Which between the odd timing and being somewhat out of it anyway was pretty shocking.

Nothing happened, of course.

I got out a flashlight and started to get ready for bed and the lights came back on. In time for me to turn them all off again...


Anyone else have anything weird like that happen to them?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some Good News!

My friends, let me tell you about Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior!

I'm kidding.

I'll try to have something to offend/annoy everyone else later in the post.

Got Screen?

Anyway, I got a 19" LCD monitor to replace my 17" CRT!

No dead pixels as far as I can tell on it. The picture is quite crisp and pretty (now that I set it to the native resolution) too!

The scrolling of web pages with light text on black backgrounds (who uses such color schemes anyway?) is a little funky looking, but otherwise I'm loving it.

Much thanks to my brother for passing it along to me! :-)

Persona 3: FES after Persona 4...

I've nearly finished Persona 4 a second time now. I only played about an hour and a half of Persona 3: FES so far though.

Seeing P3 really impresses me more with P4. Atlus did an amazing job in each game creating the setting. I've never been to Japan, but seeing P4's rural Inaba setting in contrast with P3's urban...I don't remember it's name...setting you really get the impression that each is pretty accurate.

Not in the current gen, super realistic looking way that something like Assasin's Creed looks, but about as well as you can expect from a Playstation 2 game. (There's some Uncanny valley sort of thing going on for me with a lot of the realtime lighting you see in new games. It's But I digress.)

I'm looking forward to playing more of it.

/sigh, 85 Down the Drain.

We did some more ZNMs last night. I think it went well.

I didn't log on until after a few Anantaboga (Dahaks) had been killed. I grabbed pop items for Achamoth and my unused Reacton pop and headed to Mount Z.

Getting to Reacton is quite the pain in the ass. It's alllll the way in the back of Halvung past True Sight trolls and Wamouras.

It's actually right next to Big Bomb which I saw for the first time ever.I've got a Fire Bomblet for my Ninja already, so I never bothered to try and farm one when SE made it a forced pop a while back.

Once everyone arrived, we popped three Reactons.It always uses Self-Destruct before dying, so it killed a bunch of people each time.
Thankfully, Evilbron was among the dead at least once.

The boom at the end hit me for a little over 800 damage once, but didn't kill me any of the three times.

Fuck Wamouras

After Reacton, it was time to wander around some more and go to kill three Achamoth pops. We cleared the area near its ??? and pulled it to the corner.

The fight went OK at first. It's similar to Bomb Queen in that it spawns Achamothcampa (roach) babies every minute or so.

The babies are either vulnerable to phsyical or magic damage according to the Wiki. All the ones I nuked seem to take 2x damage from magic (3,344 damage Freeze 2), so I'm unsure how accurate that info is.

Regular Wamouracampa take reduced damage while they're stretched out (-20% roughly) and normal damage while curled up. With the hectic pace of the fight I didn't get to watch the babies' behavior closely, but I'm guessing they spawn curled (magic only), uncurl (physical damage only), and then transform into full-grown Wamouras (rape you in the face).

If you looked at the Wiki to prepare you'd be surprised to find out that the fully grown up babies can't be slept. (Bind and Gravity both resisted too.) Well, not anymore since I added that helpful to know little tidbit.

Lacking this little key bit of information led to this:I led by example and a minute or two later everyone else was dead too.

A few minutes after that Achamoth had stuff to do and depopped.

Math Makes Things Better!

Being a Tier III ZNM, that means ~1,000 -> ~2,200 -> ~3,200 Zeni for three tiers of triggers. For a total of about 6,400 Zeni down the drain.

For a decent picture of a nearly dead VT mob you get ~75 Zeni. 6,400 Zeni / 75 Zeni per picture = ~85 pictures.

You can take one picture every 30 seconds, so that's 42 minutes of continuous photography under ideal conditions. That's assuming somebody else is keeping your VT mob slept (you can't cast spells for ~10 seconds after using a Soul Trapper), so in reality it's more like 50-60 minutes. You won't have 100% success in getting Soul Plates either, so it's probably 60-70 minutes of uninterrupted snapping pictures.

And you can only turn in 10 pictures per game day, so that's about 8.5 hours of trading 10 every hour.

Then there's inventory limitations and travel time.

You need to be able to bring a VT mob to <5% HP and hold it there for quite a while. So, you need nuking and enfeebling gear which takes up quite a bit of space. If you don't have a Mog Satchel and 80 space Gobbie Bag (I don't.) that means two trips minimum to get the ~80 Soul Plates. Then 9 game days trading 10 plates each day. This is assuming Sanraku stays interested in the things you were taking pictures of the whole time. (He won't.)


After that, we did another Achamoth. This time, we pulled it to the zoneline. I had to go AFK for a bit, and got lost finding the right zoneline when I got back.

When I got to the zoneline...

  1. The tank is zoning to reset hate.

  2. People are resting at the zone line getting hate on pets.

  3. The tank is zoning to reset hate.

  4. Pets are running all over skull-fucking random people instead of depopping.

  5. The tank is zoning to reset hate.
I don't fucking know either.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Got FES?

I'm 3/4ths the way through Persona 4 for the second time.

I think having a level 88 Beelzebub Persona that's immune to or repels nearly every damage type and has the most powerful physical attack in the game and a Satan Persona that regens a chunk of HP/SP at the start of every turn made the second time much easier.

So, naturally having enjoyed Persona 4 I thought about going back to Persona 3: FES since I never played it. Things people griped about in P3 were fixed in P4, but most sound pretty minor, so I picked it up earlier for $15!

Which for an 80 hour game means I apparently value my time at ~$0.19/hr. LOL. That's pretty sad.

There's still a ton of PS2 games I haven't played or finished, and they've already shrunken and price dropped the PS3.

I'll probably get up to current gen someday.

FES awaits!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I want to Slug Shot some things.

It's Monday.

There's no LS event today so far as I know.

My Ranger is level 55.

Is it too much to ask for a party so I can shoot some shit in the face?

And, NO, I don't want to go to fucking Quicksand Caves to do some Level Sync'd horseshit where I'll probably:

1) Get stuck pulling

2) The mobs take 1/4 an hour to fucking respawn

3) And nobody will bother eating food despite the fact Beetles aren't notorious for spamming Snatch Morsel.

Other Things To Do?

I was thinking I might just go and do something else instead of LFP.

I did the "go outside" thing already today. Nice mile plus run around the park. Ah. Refreshing. I can't go outside and actually start shooting things. It's apparently frowned upon. Laws or something. I'm not a lawyer so I don't have all the details, but such activities are best kept in-game (unless you live in the South).

I could go Fishing and make some gil? Yeah...although I don't really have much stuff to carry around as Ranger yet I also don't have a Mog Satchel and I like to have ~50 free inventory slots for Fishing. Which is less than I have with my current assortment of gear and ammo.

I could go get more Zeni? Well, I did that today and yesterday already and got a decent amount. Besides, we won't even be able to do the Tier 4s until everyone else (barring ~5 people) in the LS starts getting Zeni so they can access the Islets. Moral support in LS chat won't help kill Tinnin or Sarameya.

The current Zeni monster family is trio bats anyway. I can't reliably sleep Tough or higher bats as BLM or SCH, so I'm not going to bother trying.


So what to do? I could go play Persona 4 some more as I'm 80% of the way through the game the second time and can probably get the True Ending this time.

But I really want to level Ranger more....Argh!

Sooooo bored.

Uwe Boll

I had some tasty chinese food with my brother John and Mom the other day. While he was here, I showed my brother a few of my favorite videogame related websites which cover things like the "SCIENCE!" of sidescrolling shooters (Gradius, etc) and effective play techniques complete with videos for the various classes in Left 4 Dead.

We also talked about various movies, anime, and game review videos. One of my personal favorites being TANG (This Ain't No Game) at Giant Bomb. Ryan Davis reviews movies based on videogames which are arguably generally more awful than videogames based on movies. (The exception that proves the rule?)

Probably the most prolific producer of bad videogame movies is Uwe Boll, and nearly half of TANG is just Davis crapping all over Boll's terrible movies.

Earlier today my brother sent me this interview with Boll. It's actually pretty interesting, a little funny (they get kicked out of the Starbucks that they were recording the interview at), and a little sad.

I think Boll does make a fair point at the end though that people shouldn't hate his movies just because he makes them or hope they all flop for that reason either. And of course if you actually like his movies for some reason by all means run out and buy the DVDs since that's where he gets money to make more of them. (I beg you, don't!)

Anyway, the interview:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Wishlist!

I said last post that I was probably going to make another "wishlist" of sorts. Mostly of ZNM stuff, but other stuff too.

So, without further ado, a job-by-job breakdown!

Black Mage
Yigit Feet
[Feet] All Races
DEF:11 INT+3 MND+3 Evasion+5 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+2 Set: Adds "Refresh" effect
There's really not much else I'd like for Black Mage that's worth the effort of getting.

Now to drag some people do Halvung staging point Assaults...


Square Enix put them all together on Usukane armor, so I'm putting them all together on my wishlist.
Enkidu's Harness
[Body] All Races
DEF:50 STR+5 AGI+5 Accuracy+10 Attack+10 Evasion+5 "Subtle Blow"+5

Enkidu's Leggings
[Feet] All Races
DEF:23 DEX+3 AGI+3 Attack+4 Ranged Attack+4 "Subtle Blow"+2 Haste+2%
I'll have to post in a "What's Better?" thread on BG or KI or somewhere to find out for sure, but these can both replace some non-Rare/Ex stuff for me as a nearly as good or better on Ninja and Monk and definitely better on Puppetmaster.

The Harness...

The Harness is not as good as a Hauby for Blade: Jin because it doesn't have the DEX+5. It does provide Evasion+37 over a Hauby though, so I'd consider selling the Hauby anyway and wearing it fulltime on things where my Accuracy isn't capped as Ninja (instead of Chainmail TP -> Hauby WS).

Would STR+5, but a loss of Attack+7-8 make it better than Shura Togi (or Kirin's Osode) make it better on Monk? I really have no idea, probably not, but it's something I'll post in a "What's Better?" thread.

It's definitely better than the PUP relic body for Stringing Pummel and/or Howling Fist, so if I'm meleeing as PUP with Soulsoother out I'd go with it over the Relic body.

Can I sell off my Scorpion Harness if I get an Enkidu's Harness? All I use it for now is an Evasion build on NIN and MNK. The Evasion+5 combined with AGI+5 makes it close enough I think I would. Subtle Blow+5 never hurts for soloing things and the offensive stats make it less a drop in damage while trying to dodge more attacks.

The Leggings...

They'd be replacing Dune Boots and Fuma Sune-ate for Monk and Ninja (I don't use the Dunes on NIN, obviously). Haste feet are better for Monk if you have any other Haste buffs at all pretty much. I also will generally use Fumas on Monk for MNK/DNC in Campaign.

So, is losing Haste+1% worth gaining Attack+4, Accuracy+1-2, DEX+3, Subtle Blow+2? Again, I have no idea.

I think I wouldn't be able to sell off the Fumas just because they're slightly better for NIN/DRK to the limited extent that I go to any events as NIN/DRK to tank. So, my Fumas would probably end up muled with my Harmonia's Torque, Eris' Earrings, etc.


Other than getting a Vali's Bow somehow, most of my future Ranger upgrades are from the Auction House.
Triumph Earrings

Behemoth Rings +1
Ranged Accuracy+12
That's mostly it, really. (The stats on the rings is from memory and may be wrong.) As far as Rare/Ex goes...
Enkidu's Subligar
[Legs] All Races
DEF:40 STR+4 DEX+4 "Store TP"+5 "Subtle Blow"+5
As strange as it may look, you apparently only need Store TP+10 to get a 6 hit build with Othinus' Bow.

I don't have a Rajas, so I'd either need to wear something like Cobra Unit gear that's junk for Ranger other than the Store TP, or get a big Store TP+ piece that doesn't totally suck and can be use for WS. Enkidu's Subligar, Brutal Earring, and Rose Strap and I've got Store TP+10 as RNG/NIN!

Sure, I will probably level /SAM and you can just wear whatever as /SAM since it comes with Store TP+15, but Rangers I see /SAM seem to be face down pretty often. I can blink tank, so I'd kind of rather rely on skill & luck rather than just luck with Third Eye.

Toreador's Ring...

I still want a second one of those, but I've been pretty lazy with making gil lately, and been pretty busy spending it any time I touch RNG (and to a lesser extent NIN).


And that's it for today! If you have any newfangled, crazy math stuff (or know from reading somebody else's) about the "Which is better?" questions I have please leave a comment. It would be much appreciated!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Firearm Safety! Also, Zeni Notorious Monsters!

So I mentioned the other day I was in a very slow party in the Quicksand Caves. "Slow" meaning I used Barrage on the same Antican Princeps twice.

And I weaponskilled said Antican Princeps nine times.

It takes me eight shots to get 100% TP with my speedy crossbow. Such a massive waste of ammo made me decide against continuing futher with this group.

But it also made me think of something else. What's wrong with this picture?While I kind of was hoping all these people would die since I was the only one hurting the fucking Antican, isn't it kind of odd looking to go stand in the back and fire weapons at a monster that your "friends" are standing right next to (or perhaps directly between)?

I'm pretty sure if you take a Hunter's Safety Class or join the military they have some educational video they make you watch where they advise against shooting at targets your friends are in front of or right next to?

I'm not going to argue for realism in a game called Final Fantasy, but it's still vaguely amusing to me for some reason.


We did another batch of ZNMs recently. Mostly Tier 2 ZNMs to work on a Sarameya (Cerberus clone) set. Again, the hardest part to these NMs seems to be finding their goddamned ???'s.

We started with Brass Borer. It's a Wamouracampa (roach) NM. I still had my pop from last time, so knowing it was just behind the Gates of Halvung nearest the Staging Point we quickly gathered, popped it, and Manaburned it's ass to the ground.

Surprisingly, well kind of not surprisingly, we got full drops! Some gloves for a few jobs that have a Blaze Spikes enchantment and a one-handed Axe for Beastmasters that has an Enfire enchantment. Both are ok, I guess, sort of it you love BST or are a WAR/PLD/DRK/Whatever that wants Slow+4% and Blaze Spikes on their hands. Thankfully, somebody lotted them and seemed happy for whatever reason.

After getting a Brass Borer Cocoon (creative trophy names ftw), I warped back and got my third Tier 2 ZNM pop item, and quickly returned.

Tier 2s

The first Tier 2 ZNM on our agenda after that was Anantaboga. If you have wandered enough around Mount Z and seen a Dahak, you've got an idea what it looks like. They're red versions of Mission 2-5's Dark Dragon or like the one which walks around Xarcabard.

If you've seen a Dahak running around singing Bard songs and charming people, you actually saw Anantaboga.
The only good Dahaks are dead Dahaks (they drop lots of gil)

We cleared the actual Dahaks from nearby and popped it. The fight went pretty well. It tends to spam Maiden's Virelai (charm) and Horde Lullaby a lot which can be annoying.

Predictably, I died because a charmed Miliani beat me to death with a freaking elemental staff. Anantaboga can use Voidsong which strips all buffs and does damage based on the number of buffs, so I wasn't keeping any up. Either Stoneskin or Phalanx will be up next time.

Two things I learned were that Stoneskin seems to absorb damage from Voidsong before being dispelled by it. I had my BLM's less than capped (about 310 damage) Stoneskin up and took significantly less damage than similarly buffed people. Rather odd, but it seems to be true.

The other thing was that Additional Effect stuff on weapons doesn't seem to proc on attacks by Charmed player characters. More than a few charmed mages wielding elemental staves, not a single proc on their ~50% added effect damage that I saw.

We killed it easily though, and got a Trilling Dagger! And I won the lot! Which didn't matter, because my inventory was 70/70 so I got a weird message and it sorted to the person with the second highest lot.


On the next Anantaboga we got full drops! Another Trilling Dagger and a Samurai GK with an unspellable name. It's an interesting GK in that it has VERY low delay, but also relatively low base DMG. Unfortunately, Samurais gear for 5-6 hit builds with higher delay GKs and try to maximize their weaponskill damage rendering it more or less a toy or collector's GK than an effective weapon.

This time I won lot on the dagger again, and had space for it this time, so I have a cool Rare/Ex dagger to replace my Misercorde (sp?) that I had for NIN in slashing proof parts of Limbus as well as a Dagger that boosts Holy Bolt damage by 10% while still alowing the dual wielding of a Dagger/Axe with Racc/Ratt.

Tier 2, Part 2!

After some dragon killing fun, it was off on a daring trek through all parts of Halvung unknown. Seriously, that place is a huge fucking maze. We were looking for Reacton's ??? spot first to kill a few of those I think.

We found Dextrose's ??? spot instead. Having two of Dextrose's Granulated Sugar pop items, which for some reason look a lot like Coriander, we cleared the area, and I popped him!

Sadly, I have no pictures of the fight. I did die once though, and I think he killed a few other people too before we took him down.

Drops were only his trophy and some STR/MND+2 pants. Both his drops are basically junk though, so it's no big loss.

Then we popped another Dextrose. Who had the other pop? Person A? Person B? No, nobody had another pop item. So we didn't pop another Dextrose.

So, it was off to find Reacton's ??? and stab/blow him up instead. We emded up going the wrong way though, falling down a ledge we shouldn't have, and needing to walk all the way back around to get to his ???. Which being around midnight already wasn't going to happen.

Lessons Learned?

From looking around it seems that people mostly just kill Anantaboga 3x to get the Tier 3 ZNM Sarameya path items. Which seems like it would probably be most practical path for us I think. Having two or three people warp with the Trophy and come back with another pop for Anantaboga would beat sneaking 20+ people through Halvung and all over Mount Z.

Looking through the possible drops, Dextrose has:
Ruby Seraweels
[Legs] All Races
DEF: 31 HP +10 MP +10 STR +2 MND +2
Lv. 71 RDM / PLD / DRK / RNG / DRG / BLU / COR

Achilles' spear
(Polearm) All Races
DMG: 69 Delay: 346 Accuracy +4
Lv. 74 DRG
The pants look pretty lousy, although maybe one of those jobs (melee RDMs?) might find use for them?

The polearm suffers the same problems as the GK I mentioned earlier. DRGs do X-hit builds. Even though the weapon has high DPS, it's going to have low WS damage and take more hits to 100% TP making it pretty shitty for actual use.

We could skip Dextrose and I don't see anyone really complaining.

As for Reacton:
Reacton Arm
(Ammunition) All Races
Attack +10
Enhances Mijin Gakure Effect
Lv. 70 NIN

Magic strap
All Races
MP +23 Spell interruption rate down 5%
Lv. 69 All Jobs
A ghetto Bomb Core which is itself a ghetto Fire Bomblet that does...something for Mijin Gakure? Unless there's some as of yet hidden effect that nobody anywhere in the FFXI-caring about world knows of, I think we can pass.

The Magic Strap is an OK-ish for non-damaging or MND boosted Enfeebling spells. Or maybe for Galka/Elvaan DRK/NINs who need a tiny bit more MP? Maybe? Grips off the AH are better for just about any situation imagineable though, so again, I think we can pass.

I did write up my "wishlist" of sorts from ZNMs (and the AH, Assault, Salvage) a little while back. I'll probably post an updated one in the next day or two.

Surprisingly, it's actually gotten smaller and I haven't gotten most of the stuff on it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I don't need Accuracy Songs.

You know, as Ranger I don't frequently stab things with my pitifully terrible DPS Racc+11 Daggers. The Defender-esque Attack Down from Velocity Shot makes them do exceptionally terrible damage. So, I kind of really don't need Madrigal.


I hit for 0 and 8 damage.

Sure would have sucked if I had missed.

In the 40s and 50s decent melees shouldn't need Madrigal either. (We're not even fighting Colibri, so they could be using half decent food.) March and Minuet are both better. They should have some Haste gear by then. The WHM or RDM should be giving them the Haste spell. Lots of Haste fucking owns. Eat some fucking sushi if your Accuracy gear blows.

I also don't need Prelude.

If we're fighting in East Ronfaure [S] I can hit them fine without food and pull enough hate to get my tasty Pot-au-feu frequently ganked if I eat food. If we're not fighting birds at all, of course I'm using food. I've got Racc+ ~60 in gear. I've got two or three Accuracy Bonuses. I can shoot shit in the face with extreme prejudice just fine, thank you!

So when I see:
BobTheBard casts Minuet III.
BobTheBard casts Sword Madrigal.
BobTheBard casts Hunter's Prelude on Evilpaul.
I die a little inside when I end up having Madrigal+Prelude...URGGHH.

Seriously, the MND Etude the WHM is getting for some reason would be more useful for additional Holy Bolt damage. I'm Blinded and the mob has an Evasion Boost and I can still hit it more accurately than anyone else in the party. Enough with the fucking Accuracy songs and how about something that will do....something? Anything?

How about Ice Carol to help resist the Evasion Down TP move? That would be fucking stupid, but at least it would be fucking something!

/rant Off

As you may have guessed I had an exceptionally slow party earlier. I did hit 55 finally, so I can now kill myself with Slug Shot in a non-Level Sync'd party. Of course while Level Sync was off I had to try the Slug Shot -> Barrage -> Slug Shot method of pwnage.

Turns out I lost my TP from Level Sync being turned off? In any case I only had 12% TP.

I Barraged, shot twice more, and Slug Shot!

...And missed.

A Decent Challenge mob.


A warning of things to come?

Inflation! (Or: Cooking is Back!)

I had thought it seemed odd to see more expensive Imperial Wootz Ingots. And then a few days ago I realized my Ranger-related activities (54, finally!) were causing my gil reserves to dwindle.

So I decided to do some Fishing+Cooking to make a bit of money.
Don't let BSTs gimp out with NQ Crab pets; NPC that shit.

I also decided to take a look on and see if there really was an inflationary trend or if it was just my imagination. From the looks of it, I'm not imagining things.Since nearly all stuff for Cooking comes from an NPC who's prices do not change, seeing everything ~16% more expensive for a Veteran Chef just means 16% more profit.

Sushi hasn't changed in price much, but just about everything else is more expensive than it was 3 months ago.

Particularly Pot-au-feu which went from 6k to 15k. Which probably was more related to it being awesome and becoming popular than just inflation. I should really start making the stuff.

Stuff I've Been Doing...

After Dyna-Beauc Friday, I did some ZNMs on Saturday night. While I couldn't get a screenshot of it as my PS2 isn't hooked to my capture card right now, I saw the funniest line in FFXI history.
(Brimstonne) EP pup

It wasn't because there was a Great Puppetmaster Awakening and everyone loves and respects the job now, but more because we were going to kill Ob and 3,000 damage Magic Mortars to the face are surprisingly unpopular.

First, we killed an Armed Gears.I was there as PUP, so I mostly just had Bougrion Cure V and Regen III people. Except Viceroy who Bougrion apparently doesn't like because he only got Regen II for some reason.

Got Ob?

After that, we killed Ob twice. I didn't get any pictures of it, but the fight only lasted all of a minute or so. Just picture a Sharpshot Frame Automaton being gang raped by 18 people.

Unfortunately, he didn't drop anything besides his arm either time. So poor Bougrion still doesn't have a Coiler for Double Attack or a Steam Jacket for whatever Steam Jackets do.


Did you know Blunt damage is hilariously terrible on Slimes/Jellies? After Ob, we went to Mount Z. and killed two Clarets which are weird Clot mobs that just spam TP moves.After seeing how terrible my damage was on DC Mountain Clots I just watched and had Bougrion Cure V people and Flashbulb Claret.

Magic tore Claret up quite quickly though, and with all the Black Mages there it went down fast.


Unfortunately, after that Comcast decided to die for two hours so I've still got a Brass Borer pop. Which we'll hopefully do next time.

Probably the hardest part of about ZNMs is just finding the ???'s for the pops. Particularly on Mount Z. where the map is pretty terrible. The Tier 1's themselves all seem pretty easy.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dynamis - Beaucedine & NIN/RNG(?!)

I've been trying to level Ranger. Why? I have no idea, but I'd appreciate some party invites because it's still Level 53 like a week later. >.>

In any case, I've been using crossbows exclusively. So my Archery skill has gotten wildly underleveled. I bought a cheap bow, tons of arrows, and went out as NIN/DNC to try and get it a bit caught up. I also put some of my stash of Firesand to use and made a few hundred bronze bullets to finally cap Marksmanship on NIN (225).

Later, it was time for Dynamis - Beaucedine.
Jacinda doing her finest dead Goblin impression.

The run itself went pretty well. We got two or three Duelist's Tabards which is about how many we've gotten in the previous year or two. Those things never drop for us. A Scholar body dropped too as well as a few other nice pieces.

I'm pretty sure at least one of the pieces went to someone other than Hamichin too.

I ninja'd my way in as NIN/RNG. Back pre-TP floor nerf using Unji/Unsho it was a crazy awesome job combo. You get TP really fast by abusing the TP floor. You shoot mobs in the face with a huge gun. Repeat. What's not to like?
So much to shoot in the face, so little time.

Post-TP floor nerf, even with Innin, it's kind of "meh." No Bard really doesn't help Slugshot damage much either with NIN's naturally low Ranged Attack stat (225 skill vs. 269 skill on RNG).

Innin was pretty interesting though. It provided a pretty sizeable boost in damage via crits (and missing less). As /WAR you could probably keep up with a non-uber MNK or dual-wielding WAR (do they still make those?). Of course, you only get the benefits of it while attacking from behind, so you couldn't use it to DD tank. Still it's pretty cool to be able to put out some pretty decent DoT as Ninja.


Of course, no Dynamis run can be considered fun without some massive and unanticipated overkill from a mob that was being annoying before dishing out the pain. And Swypstix Tigershins was happy to oblige.

After using Goblin Dice not once, but twice to heal himself for over 6,0000 HP, he popped Mijin Gakure on us for lulz. About 1,600 (or 1,300 if your mage Shelled you) HP worth of lulz. Which killed all the DDs instantly as you can see in the picture.

Fate was smiling on the mages, however, as nearly all of them were somehow out of range or saved by differences in elevation. Or something. I don't really know. I thought it killed everybody initially but my party wasn't in the main alliance so I couldn't really tell.

It was still pretty funny.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Chinese Bastards

Is it too much to ask that the /tells from Hadadlfkjsalkjlkjsdflkadghawekr are in fucking English? If can't manage to use the proper tense for their verbs it would kind of make me doubt how "professional ffxi gil service" they must actually be providing.

And, if that wasn't stupid enough, they now send me /tells asking me to sell them gil.

Make up your minds, guys.

Either You'll sell me enough gil to buy a second Toreador's Ring for a 'mere' $120US, or you want me to sell you gil "for great price." You can't have your cake and eat it too. The cake is a lie anyway.

P.S. Square-Enix: Maybe FUCKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE INCESSANT RMT /TELLS? I can't get a fucking party invite for a week, but I sure as fuck can get RMT /tells 4 times an hour.

P.P.S. I don't hate all Chinese people, just the fucktarded RMT ones.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009


Two things I wanted to briefly comment on...

License Plate of the Day

I saw this earlier, and thought it was strangely, hilariously, awesome.
I won't say the state (though I'm sure most people could figure it out or know) out of respect for whoever's privacy. :-P


Now far be it from me to say that dating (or sleeping with) someone twice your age, even when it's 100% legal, is a little strange and kind of creepy.

Oh wait, it kind of is.

So, I guess I've said it.

But, beyond that even, if the person far older than you is obviously not interested maybe cut the pathetic rejection/"hitting on" time to maybe ~30 minutes or so? 90 minutes is a bit much.

And getting more excessively drunk probably isn't going to make you appealing or persuasive.

It'll likely just further annoy your blogger friend who's decided to let you remain nameless. :-p

This has been a public service announcement from Evilpaul: Reminding you that if the "fine lady" you're talking to says that if you were the last two people on Earth after the Zombie Apocalypse you'd best hope that you're able to scavenge gasoline, foodstuffs, and hand probably won't be getting any.

Good night!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

KV, Ranger, and Dynamis, Oh My!

I killed KV again this past week.ThePrestige LS claimed it and we ended up teaming up with them to kill it. I'm not a fan of KV or weather pop NMs in general, so killing it and having an Ace's Helm drop and not even go to an LS mate is pretty lame.

Unfortuately, the helm didn't drop.

I don't think we even got some Earth Crystals.

So, our most motorcycle-detailingist Bard & Samurai is still not allowed into Team Robocop meetings. (They're on every other Tuesday).


Ranger 53!

I joined a party yesterday before Dynamis and got from 51 to 53 Ranger!I was stuck pulling for most of it, and managed to face plant at one point when I aggroed a Lady Bug.So, I can now wear my Hunter's Bracers...when I use Shadowbind. They kind of suck otherwise.

I'm looking forward to getting to 55ish and moving on to ToAU EXP and killing more...colibri. Seriously, why do people have to do stupid birds from 36 -> 75?

On the plus side at least the East Ronfaure [S] one's have shitty accuracy and slow attack speed.

Dynamis - Qufim!

I did a Dyna-Q run last night.It was pretty straightforward. Kill a kraken NM, kill a golem NM, kill the Mega Boss.

Which we did.I was lucky enough to get a Scout's Beret for my up and coming Ranger.It's nice for Holy Bolt spam because of the MND and the Recycle is nice for cheap bastards such as myself.

Enmity-3 doesn't hurt either.

And that's about it for what I've been up to this week.

*More* Expensive Imp. Wootz Ingots?

So I was looking at just now, and saw this.

Imperial Wootz Ingots used to be ludicrously expensive at ~800-900K and Salvage bodies stupidly expensive because of it. 10-11 million gil is a lot for a body piece. Now they're 15-16 million.

Now, I wouldn't really expect to ever obtain one even if somebody else gave me the 12 ingots because either I can't find a decent Salvage group or I get a group and they don't want to actually do Assaults with me so I'll have points.

Did the ingots actually go up for a reason? And didn't SE say they were going to make Salvage bodies less ridiculous to obtain?