Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dynamis - Beaucedine & NIN/RNG(?!)

I've been trying to level Ranger. Why? I have no idea, but I'd appreciate some party invites because it's still Level 53 like a week later. >.>

In any case, I've been using crossbows exclusively. So my Archery skill has gotten wildly underleveled. I bought a cheap bow, tons of arrows, and went out as NIN/DNC to try and get it a bit caught up. I also put some of my stash of Firesand to use and made a few hundred bronze bullets to finally cap Marksmanship on NIN (225).

Later, it was time for Dynamis - Beaucedine.
Jacinda doing her finest dead Goblin impression.

The run itself went pretty well. We got two or three Duelist's Tabards which is about how many we've gotten in the previous year or two. Those things never drop for us. A Scholar body dropped too as well as a few other nice pieces.

I'm pretty sure at least one of the pieces went to someone other than Hamichin too.

I ninja'd my way in as NIN/RNG. Back pre-TP floor nerf using Unji/Unsho it was a crazy awesome job combo. You get TP really fast by abusing the TP floor. You shoot mobs in the face with a huge gun. Repeat. What's not to like?
So much to shoot in the face, so little time.

Post-TP floor nerf, even with Innin, it's kind of "meh." No Bard really doesn't help Slugshot damage much either with NIN's naturally low Ranged Attack stat (225 skill vs. 269 skill on RNG).

Innin was pretty interesting though. It provided a pretty sizeable boost in damage via crits (and missing less). As /WAR you could probably keep up with a non-uber MNK or dual-wielding WAR (do they still make those?). Of course, you only get the benefits of it while attacking from behind, so you couldn't use it to DD tank. Still it's pretty cool to be able to put out some pretty decent DoT as Ninja.


Of course, no Dynamis run can be considered fun without some massive and unanticipated overkill from a mob that was being annoying before dishing out the pain. And Swypstix Tigershins was happy to oblige.

After using Goblin Dice not once, but twice to heal himself for over 6,0000 HP, he popped Mijin Gakure on us for lulz. About 1,600 (or 1,300 if your mage Shelled you) HP worth of lulz. Which killed all the DDs instantly as you can see in the picture.

Fate was smiling on the mages, however, as nearly all of them were somehow out of range or saved by differences in elevation. Or something. I don't really know. I thought it killed everybody initially but my party wasn't in the main alliance so I couldn't really tell.

It was still pretty funny.

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