Friday, August 14, 2009

Firearm Safety! Also, Zeni Notorious Monsters!

So I mentioned the other day I was in a very slow party in the Quicksand Caves. "Slow" meaning I used Barrage on the same Antican Princeps twice.

And I weaponskilled said Antican Princeps nine times.

It takes me eight shots to get 100% TP with my speedy crossbow. Such a massive waste of ammo made me decide against continuing futher with this group.

But it also made me think of something else. What's wrong with this picture?While I kind of was hoping all these people would die since I was the only one hurting the fucking Antican, isn't it kind of odd looking to go stand in the back and fire weapons at a monster that your "friends" are standing right next to (or perhaps directly between)?

I'm pretty sure if you take a Hunter's Safety Class or join the military they have some educational video they make you watch where they advise against shooting at targets your friends are in front of or right next to?

I'm not going to argue for realism in a game called Final Fantasy, but it's still vaguely amusing to me for some reason.


We did another batch of ZNMs recently. Mostly Tier 2 ZNMs to work on a Sarameya (Cerberus clone) set. Again, the hardest part to these NMs seems to be finding their goddamned ???'s.

We started with Brass Borer. It's a Wamouracampa (roach) NM. I still had my pop from last time, so knowing it was just behind the Gates of Halvung nearest the Staging Point we quickly gathered, popped it, and Manaburned it's ass to the ground.

Surprisingly, well kind of not surprisingly, we got full drops! Some gloves for a few jobs that have a Blaze Spikes enchantment and a one-handed Axe for Beastmasters that has an Enfire enchantment. Both are ok, I guess, sort of it you love BST or are a WAR/PLD/DRK/Whatever that wants Slow+4% and Blaze Spikes on their hands. Thankfully, somebody lotted them and seemed happy for whatever reason.

After getting a Brass Borer Cocoon (creative trophy names ftw), I warped back and got my third Tier 2 ZNM pop item, and quickly returned.

Tier 2s

The first Tier 2 ZNM on our agenda after that was Anantaboga. If you have wandered enough around Mount Z and seen a Dahak, you've got an idea what it looks like. They're red versions of Mission 2-5's Dark Dragon or like the one which walks around Xarcabard.

If you've seen a Dahak running around singing Bard songs and charming people, you actually saw Anantaboga.
The only good Dahaks are dead Dahaks (they drop lots of gil)

We cleared the actual Dahaks from nearby and popped it. The fight went pretty well. It tends to spam Maiden's Virelai (charm) and Horde Lullaby a lot which can be annoying.

Predictably, I died because a charmed Miliani beat me to death with a freaking elemental staff. Anantaboga can use Voidsong which strips all buffs and does damage based on the number of buffs, so I wasn't keeping any up. Either Stoneskin or Phalanx will be up next time.

Two things I learned were that Stoneskin seems to absorb damage from Voidsong before being dispelled by it. I had my BLM's less than capped (about 310 damage) Stoneskin up and took significantly less damage than similarly buffed people. Rather odd, but it seems to be true.

The other thing was that Additional Effect stuff on weapons doesn't seem to proc on attacks by Charmed player characters. More than a few charmed mages wielding elemental staves, not a single proc on their ~50% added effect damage that I saw.

We killed it easily though, and got a Trilling Dagger! And I won the lot! Which didn't matter, because my inventory was 70/70 so I got a weird message and it sorted to the person with the second highest lot.


On the next Anantaboga we got full drops! Another Trilling Dagger and a Samurai GK with an unspellable name. It's an interesting GK in that it has VERY low delay, but also relatively low base DMG. Unfortunately, Samurais gear for 5-6 hit builds with higher delay GKs and try to maximize their weaponskill damage rendering it more or less a toy or collector's GK than an effective weapon.

This time I won lot on the dagger again, and had space for it this time, so I have a cool Rare/Ex dagger to replace my Misercorde (sp?) that I had for NIN in slashing proof parts of Limbus as well as a Dagger that boosts Holy Bolt damage by 10% while still alowing the dual wielding of a Dagger/Axe with Racc/Ratt.

Tier 2, Part 2!

After some dragon killing fun, it was off on a daring trek through all parts of Halvung unknown. Seriously, that place is a huge fucking maze. We were looking for Reacton's ??? spot first to kill a few of those I think.

We found Dextrose's ??? spot instead. Having two of Dextrose's Granulated Sugar pop items, which for some reason look a lot like Coriander, we cleared the area, and I popped him!

Sadly, I have no pictures of the fight. I did die once though, and I think he killed a few other people too before we took him down.

Drops were only his trophy and some STR/MND+2 pants. Both his drops are basically junk though, so it's no big loss.

Then we popped another Dextrose. Who had the other pop? Person A? Person B? No, nobody had another pop item. So we didn't pop another Dextrose.

So, it was off to find Reacton's ??? and stab/blow him up instead. We emded up going the wrong way though, falling down a ledge we shouldn't have, and needing to walk all the way back around to get to his ???. Which being around midnight already wasn't going to happen.

Lessons Learned?

From looking around it seems that people mostly just kill Anantaboga 3x to get the Tier 3 ZNM Sarameya path items. Which seems like it would probably be most practical path for us I think. Having two or three people warp with the Trophy and come back with another pop for Anantaboga would beat sneaking 20+ people through Halvung and all over Mount Z.

Looking through the possible drops, Dextrose has:
Ruby Seraweels
[Legs] All Races
DEF: 31 HP +10 MP +10 STR +2 MND +2
Lv. 71 RDM / PLD / DRK / RNG / DRG / BLU / COR

Achilles' spear
(Polearm) All Races
DMG: 69 Delay: 346 Accuracy +4
Lv. 74 DRG
The pants look pretty lousy, although maybe one of those jobs (melee RDMs?) might find use for them?

The polearm suffers the same problems as the GK I mentioned earlier. DRGs do X-hit builds. Even though the weapon has high DPS, it's going to have low WS damage and take more hits to 100% TP making it pretty shitty for actual use.

We could skip Dextrose and I don't see anyone really complaining.

As for Reacton:
Reacton Arm
(Ammunition) All Races
Attack +10
Enhances Mijin Gakure Effect
Lv. 70 NIN

Magic strap
All Races
MP +23 Spell interruption rate down 5%
Lv. 69 All Jobs
A ghetto Bomb Core which is itself a ghetto Fire Bomblet that does...something for Mijin Gakure? Unless there's some as of yet hidden effect that nobody anywhere in the FFXI-caring about world knows of, I think we can pass.

The Magic Strap is an OK-ish for non-damaging or MND boosted Enfeebling spells. Or maybe for Galka/Elvaan DRK/NINs who need a tiny bit more MP? Maybe? Grips off the AH are better for just about any situation imagineable though, so again, I think we can pass.

I did write up my "wishlist" of sorts from ZNMs (and the AH, Assault, Salvage) a little while back. I'll probably post an updated one in the next day or two.

Surprisingly, it's actually gotten smaller and I haven't gotten most of the stuff on it.

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