Monday, August 24, 2009

Freaky Stuff.

So for the past week or so there's been frequent thunderstorms here and my power has been flicking off for a few seconds or a couple minutes before coming back on. This is particularly irritating because it usually means I have to go unplug my cable modem and router and then plug them back in to get them working again. I also have to re-set three clocks.

But such is life.

What was rather freaky was it happened the other night. I was out very late and walked home *ahem* a little bit...out of it. I was the only person home, besides the cat, so the house had been locked all day. I unlocked the door, go inside, and flip the light on so I can see. I turned around pushed the door shut, turn the lock, and literally that instant all the lights go out!


Having just put the lights on I couldn't see shit for a few moments. Which between the odd timing and being somewhat out of it anyway was pretty shocking.

Nothing happened, of course.

I got out a flashlight and started to get ready for bed and the lights came back on. In time for me to turn them all off again...


Anyone else have anything weird like that happen to them?

1 comment:

  1. Clearly you pissed off Mother Nature that evening. Did you pee on a tree while walking home? wait... watering plants wouldn't upset her.... Did you NOT pee on a tree, and instead use someone's front porch or something? lol