Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Got FES?

I'm 3/4ths the way through Persona 4 for the second time.

I think having a level 88 Beelzebub Persona that's immune to or repels nearly every damage type and has the most powerful physical attack in the game and a Satan Persona that regens a chunk of HP/SP at the start of every turn made the second time much easier.

So, naturally having enjoyed Persona 4 I thought about going back to Persona 3: FES since I never played it. Things people griped about in P3 were fixed in P4, but most sound pretty minor, so I picked it up earlier for $15!

Which for an 80 hour game means I apparently value my time at ~$0.19/hr. LOL. That's pretty sad.

There's still a ton of PS2 games I haven't played or finished, and they've already shrunken and price dropped the PS3.

I'll probably get up to current gen someday.

FES awaits!

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