Monday, August 10, 2009

I don't need Accuracy Songs.

You know, as Ranger I don't frequently stab things with my pitifully terrible DPS Racc+11 Daggers. The Defender-esque Attack Down from Velocity Shot makes them do exceptionally terrible damage. So, I kind of really don't need Madrigal.


I hit for 0 and 8 damage.

Sure would have sucked if I had missed.

In the 40s and 50s decent melees shouldn't need Madrigal either. (We're not even fighting Colibri, so they could be using half decent food.) March and Minuet are both better. They should have some Haste gear by then. The WHM or RDM should be giving them the Haste spell. Lots of Haste fucking owns. Eat some fucking sushi if your Accuracy gear blows.

I also don't need Prelude.

If we're fighting in East Ronfaure [S] I can hit them fine without food and pull enough hate to get my tasty Pot-au-feu frequently ganked if I eat food. If we're not fighting birds at all, of course I'm using food. I've got Racc+ ~60 in gear. I've got two or three Accuracy Bonuses. I can shoot shit in the face with extreme prejudice just fine, thank you!

So when I see:
BobTheBard casts Minuet III.
BobTheBard casts Sword Madrigal.
BobTheBard casts Hunter's Prelude on Evilpaul.
I die a little inside when I end up having Madrigal+Prelude...URGGHH.

Seriously, the MND Etude the WHM is getting for some reason would be more useful for additional Holy Bolt damage. I'm Blinded and the mob has an Evasion Boost and I can still hit it more accurately than anyone else in the party. Enough with the fucking Accuracy songs and how about something that will do....something? Anything?

How about Ice Carol to help resist the Evasion Down TP move? That would be fucking stupid, but at least it would be fucking something!

/rant Off

As you may have guessed I had an exceptionally slow party earlier. I did hit 55 finally, so I can now kill myself with Slug Shot in a non-Level Sync'd party. Of course while Level Sync was off I had to try the Slug Shot -> Barrage -> Slug Shot method of pwnage.

Turns out I lost my TP from Level Sync being turned off? In any case I only had 12% TP.

I Barraged, shot twice more, and Slug Shot!

...And missed.

A Decent Challenge mob.


A warning of things to come?


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of Ranger, where people aren't surprised about your damage, but more surprised that your attack actually connected.

  2. Oh man, I was going to rant about this. Bards who don't understand song order make me cry. Hard. I can't tell you how many bards I partied with who would either:

    Only sing Minuet and Madrigral, or:

    Get a bard who would sing Prelude, but would sing Minuet first, so I'd have Madrigal and Prelude! They thought I was crazy with the way I'd run away from when they started singing Madrigal.

    If you get a bard who can at least understand that Madrigal (or March for that matter) does NOT work with ranged attacks, be happy.