Monday, August 10, 2009

Inflation! (Or: Cooking is Back!)

I had thought it seemed odd to see more expensive Imperial Wootz Ingots. And then a few days ago I realized my Ranger-related activities (54, finally!) were causing my gil reserves to dwindle.

So I decided to do some Fishing+Cooking to make a bit of money.
Don't let BSTs gimp out with NQ Crab pets; NPC that shit.

I also decided to take a look on and see if there really was an inflationary trend or if it was just my imagination. From the looks of it, I'm not imagining things.Since nearly all stuff for Cooking comes from an NPC who's prices do not change, seeing everything ~16% more expensive for a Veteran Chef just means 16% more profit.

Sushi hasn't changed in price much, but just about everything else is more expensive than it was 3 months ago.

Particularly Pot-au-feu which went from 6k to 15k. Which probably was more related to it being awesome and becoming popular than just inflation. I should really start making the stuff.

Stuff I've Been Doing...

After Dyna-Beauc Friday, I did some ZNMs on Saturday night. While I couldn't get a screenshot of it as my PS2 isn't hooked to my capture card right now, I saw the funniest line in FFXI history.
(Brimstonne) EP pup

It wasn't because there was a Great Puppetmaster Awakening and everyone loves and respects the job now, but more because we were going to kill Ob and 3,000 damage Magic Mortars to the face are surprisingly unpopular.

First, we killed an Armed Gears.I was there as PUP, so I mostly just had Bougrion Cure V and Regen III people. Except Viceroy who Bougrion apparently doesn't like because he only got Regen II for some reason.

Got Ob?

After that, we killed Ob twice. I didn't get any pictures of it, but the fight only lasted all of a minute or so. Just picture a Sharpshot Frame Automaton being gang raped by 18 people.

Unfortunately, he didn't drop anything besides his arm either time. So poor Bougrion still doesn't have a Coiler for Double Attack or a Steam Jacket for whatever Steam Jackets do.


Did you know Blunt damage is hilariously terrible on Slimes/Jellies? After Ob, we went to Mount Z. and killed two Clarets which are weird Clot mobs that just spam TP moves.After seeing how terrible my damage was on DC Mountain Clots I just watched and had Bougrion Cure V people and Flashbulb Claret.

Magic tore Claret up quite quickly though, and with all the Black Mages there it went down fast.


Unfortunately, after that Comcast decided to die for two hours so I've still got a Brass Borer pop. Which we'll hopefully do next time.

Probably the hardest part of about ZNMs is just finding the ???'s for the pops. Particularly on Mount Z. where the map is pretty terrible. The Tier 1's themselves all seem pretty easy.

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