Saturday, August 1, 2009

KV, Ranger, and Dynamis, Oh My!

I killed KV again this past week.ThePrestige LS claimed it and we ended up teaming up with them to kill it. I'm not a fan of KV or weather pop NMs in general, so killing it and having an Ace's Helm drop and not even go to an LS mate is pretty lame.

Unfortuately, the helm didn't drop.

I don't think we even got some Earth Crystals.

So, our most motorcycle-detailingist Bard & Samurai is still not allowed into Team Robocop meetings. (They're on every other Tuesday).


Ranger 53!

I joined a party yesterday before Dynamis and got from 51 to 53 Ranger!I was stuck pulling for most of it, and managed to face plant at one point when I aggroed a Lady Bug.So, I can now wear my Hunter's Bracers...when I use Shadowbind. They kind of suck otherwise.

I'm looking forward to getting to 55ish and moving on to ToAU EXP and killing more...colibri. Seriously, why do people have to do stupid birds from 36 -> 75?

On the plus side at least the East Ronfaure [S] one's have shitty accuracy and slow attack speed.

Dynamis - Qufim!

I did a Dyna-Q run last night.It was pretty straightforward. Kill a kraken NM, kill a golem NM, kill the Mega Boss.

Which we did.I was lucky enough to get a Scout's Beret for my up and coming Ranger.It's nice for Holy Bolt spam because of the MND and the Recycle is nice for cheap bastards such as myself.

Enmity-3 doesn't hurt either.

And that's about it for what I've been up to this week.

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