Saturday, August 1, 2009

*More* Expensive Imp. Wootz Ingots?

So I was looking at just now, and saw this.

Imperial Wootz Ingots used to be ludicrously expensive at ~800-900K and Salvage bodies stupidly expensive because of it. 10-11 million gil is a lot for a body piece. Now they're 15-16 million.

Now, I wouldn't really expect to ever obtain one even if somebody else gave me the 12 ingots because either I can't find a decent Salvage group or I get a group and they don't want to actually do Assaults with me so I'll have points.

Did the ingots actually go up for a reason? And didn't SE say they were going to make Salvage bodies less ridiculous to obtain?


  1. Let's see, you "had" a group for salvage with people offering to help you with assault, but you expect them to fucking set up an assault run for you when your the one who needs points.
    Doe's that make any fucking sense?
    BTW maybe you should have the goddamn courtesy to tell people when you aren't gonna show up to a salvage run instead of people waiting around for you, then maybe you might have a group someday.
    Quit your whining.

  2. It was more like I'd ask if people wanted to do Assault everyday for two weeks and people would be like "Sure, what time do you want to do Red Vs. Blue?" or "Nyzul ONRY."

    And it was more like people expected me to come do Salvage when I had no Assault points and wouldn't do any Assaults I have access to.

  3. Lets be real. First, people actually wanted to help you do assault but they wasn't going to set it up for you, when they for one didn't really need the points. The only thing you had to do was talk to them and set a time up that would work well. I really doubt everyone wanted to do Red Vs. Blue.
    If you was really interested in doing salvage it is your responsiblity to have your assault points. Yes, your group would expect you to be ready to do salvage. You can't really complain.

  4. In response to your post -- I've got no idea. I noticed the same thing on Remora, and I'm not sure why at all. The price used to be spendy at 10-12 mil for ingots...and for some reason it's MUCH higher now :(