Monday, August 3, 2009


Two things I wanted to briefly comment on...

License Plate of the Day

I saw this earlier, and thought it was strangely, hilariously, awesome.
I won't say the state (though I'm sure most people could figure it out or know) out of respect for whoever's privacy. :-P


Now far be it from me to say that dating (or sleeping with) someone twice your age, even when it's 100% legal, is a little strange and kind of creepy.

Oh wait, it kind of is.

So, I guess I've said it.

But, beyond that even, if the person far older than you is obviously not interested maybe cut the pathetic rejection/"hitting on" time to maybe ~30 minutes or so? 90 minutes is a bit much.

And getting more excessively drunk probably isn't going to make you appealing or persuasive.

It'll likely just further annoy your blogger friend who's decided to let you remain nameless. :-p

This has been a public service announcement from Evilpaul: Reminding you that if the "fine lady" you're talking to says that if you were the last two people on Earth after the Zombie Apocalypse you'd best hope that you're able to scavenge gasoline, foodstuffs, and hand probably won't be getting any.

Good night!

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