Sunday, August 23, 2009

/sigh, 85 Down the Drain.

We did some more ZNMs last night. I think it went well.

I didn't log on until after a few Anantaboga (Dahaks) had been killed. I grabbed pop items for Achamoth and my unused Reacton pop and headed to Mount Z.

Getting to Reacton is quite the pain in the ass. It's alllll the way in the back of Halvung past True Sight trolls and Wamouras.

It's actually right next to Big Bomb which I saw for the first time ever.I've got a Fire Bomblet for my Ninja already, so I never bothered to try and farm one when SE made it a forced pop a while back.

Once everyone arrived, we popped three Reactons.It always uses Self-Destruct before dying, so it killed a bunch of people each time.
Thankfully, Evilbron was among the dead at least once.

The boom at the end hit me for a little over 800 damage once, but didn't kill me any of the three times.

Fuck Wamouras

After Reacton, it was time to wander around some more and go to kill three Achamoth pops. We cleared the area near its ??? and pulled it to the corner.

The fight went OK at first. It's similar to Bomb Queen in that it spawns Achamothcampa (roach) babies every minute or so.

The babies are either vulnerable to phsyical or magic damage according to the Wiki. All the ones I nuked seem to take 2x damage from magic (3,344 damage Freeze 2), so I'm unsure how accurate that info is.

Regular Wamouracampa take reduced damage while they're stretched out (-20% roughly) and normal damage while curled up. With the hectic pace of the fight I didn't get to watch the babies' behavior closely, but I'm guessing they spawn curled (magic only), uncurl (physical damage only), and then transform into full-grown Wamouras (rape you in the face).

If you looked at the Wiki to prepare you'd be surprised to find out that the fully grown up babies can't be slept. (Bind and Gravity both resisted too.) Well, not anymore since I added that helpful to know little tidbit.

Lacking this little key bit of information led to this:I led by example and a minute or two later everyone else was dead too.

A few minutes after that Achamoth had stuff to do and depopped.

Math Makes Things Better!

Being a Tier III ZNM, that means ~1,000 -> ~2,200 -> ~3,200 Zeni for three tiers of triggers. For a total of about 6,400 Zeni down the drain.

For a decent picture of a nearly dead VT mob you get ~75 Zeni. 6,400 Zeni / 75 Zeni per picture = ~85 pictures.

You can take one picture every 30 seconds, so that's 42 minutes of continuous photography under ideal conditions. That's assuming somebody else is keeping your VT mob slept (you can't cast spells for ~10 seconds after using a Soul Trapper), so in reality it's more like 50-60 minutes. You won't have 100% success in getting Soul Plates either, so it's probably 60-70 minutes of uninterrupted snapping pictures.

And you can only turn in 10 pictures per game day, so that's about 8.5 hours of trading 10 every hour.

Then there's inventory limitations and travel time.

You need to be able to bring a VT mob to <5% HP and hold it there for quite a while. So, you need nuking and enfeebling gear which takes up quite a bit of space. If you don't have a Mog Satchel and 80 space Gobbie Bag (I don't.) that means two trips minimum to get the ~80 Soul Plates. Then 9 game days trading 10 plates each day. This is assuming Sanraku stays interested in the things you were taking pictures of the whole time. (He won't.)


After that, we did another Achamoth. This time, we pulled it to the zoneline. I had to go AFK for a bit, and got lost finding the right zoneline when I got back.

When I got to the zoneline...

  1. The tank is zoning to reset hate.

  2. People are resting at the zone line getting hate on pets.

  3. The tank is zoning to reset hate.

  4. Pets are running all over skull-fucking random people instead of depopping.

  5. The tank is zoning to reset hate.
I don't fucking know either.


  1. Have someone outside the alliance claim the adds and zone them. They pop claimed but unclaim fast.

    When we did it, the main guy messed us up a bit but it was our first attempt and we managed to take it down.

    Then our claimer panicked and voked the wrong thing (the NM)as it went unclaimed and died. Thankfully nothing of import dropped except he now has the key item... and we got the organics back.

  2. Welcome to the hell that is ZNMs. You'll learn to get sick of zeni soon enough (if you haven't yet!)