Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some Good News!

My friends, let me tell you about Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior!

I'm kidding.

I'll try to have something to offend/annoy everyone else later in the post.

Got Screen?

Anyway, I got a 19" LCD monitor to replace my 17" CRT!

No dead pixels as far as I can tell on it. The picture is quite crisp and pretty (now that I set it to the native resolution) too!

The scrolling of web pages with light text on black backgrounds (who uses such color schemes anyway?) is a little funky looking, but otherwise I'm loving it.

Much thanks to my brother for passing it along to me! :-)

Persona 3: FES after Persona 4...

I've nearly finished Persona 4 a second time now. I only played about an hour and a half of Persona 3: FES so far though.

Seeing P3 really impresses me more with P4. Atlus did an amazing job in each game creating the setting. I've never been to Japan, but seeing P4's rural Inaba setting in contrast with P3's urban...I don't remember it's name...setting you really get the impression that each is pretty accurate.

Not in the current gen, super realistic looking way that something like Assasin's Creed looks, but about as well as you can expect from a Playstation 2 game. (There's some Uncanny valley sort of thing going on for me with a lot of the realtime lighting you see in new games. It's But I digress.)

I'm looking forward to playing more of it.

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