Monday, August 17, 2009

Uwe Boll

I had some tasty chinese food with my brother John and Mom the other day. While he was here, I showed my brother a few of my favorite videogame related websites which cover things like the "SCIENCE!" of sidescrolling shooters (Gradius, etc) and effective play techniques complete with videos for the various classes in Left 4 Dead.

We also talked about various movies, anime, and game review videos. One of my personal favorites being TANG (This Ain't No Game) at Giant Bomb. Ryan Davis reviews movies based on videogames which are arguably generally more awful than videogames based on movies. (The exception that proves the rule?)

Probably the most prolific producer of bad videogame movies is Uwe Boll, and nearly half of TANG is just Davis crapping all over Boll's terrible movies.

Earlier today my brother sent me this interview with Boll. It's actually pretty interesting, a little funny (they get kicked out of the Starbucks that they were recording the interview at), and a little sad.

I think Boll does make a fair point at the end though that people shouldn't hate his movies just because he makes them or hope they all flop for that reason either. And of course if you actually like his movies for some reason by all means run out and buy the DVDs since that's where he gets money to make more of them. (I beg you, don't!)

Anyway, the interview:

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