Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where are all the EXP parties?

I've been LFP for almost 4 hours today and not one invite. I could have had a 2x Emperor Ring day, but it fucking wore off before I got a party invite.

Well, I did get a East Ronfaure [S] party invite, a level 51 invite, and a level 53 invite.

I'm tired of East Ronfaure [S]. I spent nearly all of 37 -> 55 there. I've had enough of it.

My Ranger is level 56. I want to Slug Shot stuff. Split Shot is nowhere near as fun. I get Slug Shot at 55, damn it!

I should also make myself some Silver Bullets and have firearm-related fun at level 60 for a bit. Crossbows are cool and all, but I only get ~50% TP from a fully-landed Barrage. And the Slug Shots aren't as big as Bow or Gun ones.


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