Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Why is there is there a 200 screenshot limit on PS2s? It's not like there's other uses for the 40GB drive in the things.

Anyway, no pictures for some reason, but I did some Sky on Saturday. A Seiryu & two Byakko as BLM and then a Kirin burn as MNK.

Between INT merits, a Creampuff, and decent gear Seiryu was surprisingly easy to land unresisted nukes on. 8/10 landed for full damage.

Byakko seems to have some innate MDB like Genbu, but wasn't particularly bad either. We did get lucky and got one or two Haidates off him too. Thankfully, none went to Evilbron (for whatever her brave new occupational failure she's into on now).

I went BLM/SCH for the lulz. It is a nice subjob other than the complete lack of any real defensive capability. Dark Arts, some Parsimony AM2 spells, and Sublimation are quite nice. And it isn't like BLM can really survive long against level 90 mobs anyway, so meh.

Kirin went off without a hitch. Other than an hour plus standing around waiting for people to get their asses there.

The fight itself was the typical ~1 minute 12 people punching/stabbing the crap out of him until he falls down. Drops were limited to an N.body and some money drops. :-/

Shockingly, 100% of Evilbron's party survived the battle. (I don't know, either.)

I really hate Evilbron.


  1. You can email yourself the pictures so you can take them off of your playonline viewer. That will free up your storage there. The sad side is you can only email 10 pics at a time.

  2. I'm starting to think you like EB. Either that or you two have some dark secret that has just driven you to the deepest level of hatred one can have for another person.