Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Endurance Run has come to an end!

The Giant Bomb Endurance Run of Persona 4 has finally drawn to a close! The guys got the True Ending and finished this pretty awesome game!

You can watch the final episode below:

It's obviously got spoilers being the ending. The rest of the Endurance Run can be found here.

Some additional comments on it (also containing spoilers) from myself follow: I have really enjoyed both playing through Persona 4 twice personally and watching Vinny, Jeff, and Drew take a trip through it.

As cheesy as it is so say it, the sort of "lesson" at the end that regardless of how far away you are from people you care about the bond between you remains was really heartfelt. (Having just had a bunch of friends move away recently myself.)

Atlus did an amazing job with P4.

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