Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I think he meant Squall?

If you didn't see it, from Penny Arcade last week.It kind of makes me want to go on Youtube and watch the cutscenes with Squall. I think I could possibly increase how much I hate him if I had some horrible voice acting to go with his emo g-tardedness.

Oh, and if you're wondering why voice acting in video games is so frequently fucking horrible, read this.
To answer the NA Voice Actor mediocrity question people seem to be throwing around...

The NA Voice Actor of Kuja, JD Cullum, has a youtube page apparently. A lot of FF fans asked about how it was to voice act for Kuja... some of the responses were pretty surprising.

Basically, they just gave him a vague idea of how Kuja should have sounded like ("Be feminine and breathy with your voice") and... that was it apparently. No directing, no background checking to see what the character is like. Nothing. He apparently said it was actually quite difficult to voice Kuja since he knew so little of the actual character itself.

Hell, he even admitted he hasn't even played the damn game.

His comments:


I will say this about the job, and then I'll leave the discussion, but perhaps it might provide you some insight into how these things work. I was being directed by a director who spoke to me via a translator, and she was trying to get me to literally imitate the Japanese actor who played the part. Now, it's one thing to try to imitate George W. Bush or anyone else in my native language, but it's absurd to try to imitate an unseen actor in a completely foreign language. Also, you may notice...

cont'd) ... that I extend my speech patterns in bizarre and unaccountable ways. That is because I am trying to match the time of the Japanese phrases. Well, Japanese is perhaps quite not as economical as English, at least for certain phrases. Sometimes I had to slow down and extend my voice to an absurd and unnatural degree to fit with the animation.

Finally, I was given no information about the character I was playing and I still don't really know, but I do know I was encouraged to sound breathy and feminine. Not my preferred approach but my job was to try to deliver what the director wanted. If you want a better sample of my v.o. work, you can hear me as the Frosted Mini Wheat...

I confess I'm not familiar with the rest of the project. They simply provide me with the lines for my character and then I record each one individually, while watching video playback. The whole thing took about 20 hours of work.


And... that's it!
Awesomely bad.

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