Wednesday, September 30, 2009

January Update!

In Persona 3: FES, not FFXI. :-p Some non-plot specific spoilers follow, so you've been warned.

I'm up to floor 254 of Tartarus. I tired out all my people except Aigis and Ken, so they ditched me.

The Floor 244 boss fight was a HUGE pain in the ass. It's three of the grotesquely muscular, leather clad dudes who are chained to large spiky wheels. They spam Primal Force and other devastating physical attacks at high HP and AoE Lightning and can use Last Resort (self-destruct, it hurts) at low HP.

They handed mauled portions of my ass back to me about five times before I decided to enter at a lower floor and build up some levels getting back up to them. I got back up to them, now with two people on my A-Team tired out, so I went in with two people from my B-Team.

There's seven SEES members, so you may be wondering how I can make two teams of three with that. The answer: Fuck Ken. Annoying little bastard. I wish I could bring his mom back to life so I could be the one ot kill her.


Anyway, I brought in Aigis and Koromaru to replace Akihiko and Mitsuru who had to go back to the Dorm because they were tired. I tried the boss again. It turns out that only Ice and Wind damage is worth a piss on them, so we slowly worked them down while barely staying alive until around 30% HP when we wiped yet again.

A new strategy: Physical Mirrors! I'll spam those and let the Pulp Fiction Gimp wannabe fuckers take themselves out. Which didn't work very well. No Mitsuru/Yukari doing Ice/Wind damage and the Gimps take shitty damage from Slashing and it was using regular attacks that got repelled and Primal Force would be the faceraping followup.

To ~30% and we wiped.


Ugh, so I take the B-Team back into Tartarus a few floors below the The Gimp Rape Squad of Doom and try to level up a bit more and see about fusing some more useful Personas. I get back up to the Gimp floor again, return to the entrance, and it's off to the Velvet Room to fuse!

It turns out I can now fuse Abbadon of the Devil Arcana which is a Rank 10 Social Link (Tanaka is a huge piece of shit by the way). Which learns...Null Slash, Null Pierce and Null Strike!!! The Gimp Squad of can't fucking touch MC Paul Evil is going to get it's comeuppance!

So I fuse me up some Abbadon goodness (badness?) and head back to Floor 244. It turns out while they can't hurt MC Paul Evil now, my dude is only hitting for 12 damage each round. I hit triangle to put the battle into 'Rush' and go make a sandwich.

Five minutes later I've got one of the three Gimps down to 75%. (Of course my other three party members are dead, but screw those jerks.) But this just isn't going to work. I hit reset and head back into the Velvet Room.

It turns out I can fuse Abbadon with two other Personas I have lying around to make Michael of the Judgement Arcana. Michael can learn Mabufudyne (heavy AOE Ice damage) and can inherit (after 20 minutes of re-rolling) the Null Physical stuff from Abbadon. Now we're in business! They can't hurt me, but I can hurt them! (At this point I wasn't aware of the Mazionga or Last Resort abilities, but Michael is also strong to Lightning coincidentally.)

I have part of my B-Team plus a level 36 Ken's AI set to Support/Heal, so they mostly stay alive on their own (except fucking Ken) and cast some useful buffs. I ended up just blasting the hell out of them with Mabufudyne and finally managed to finish the battle with everyone, even Ken, alive!

I go back to the entrance and save, and continue up the tower to the next boss at 253. This one's a joke, but Koromaru is worn out so he leaves when I return to the entrance again to save. Go back in a final time and the stairs to the final floor are right next to where I started at.

The top! At last!

Now I just need to kill the Reaper, kill one more gold hand monster, and get some Social Links maxxed out and I'm ready for whatever's coming January 31st!

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