Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Seriously, Square-Enix, leave the dead horse alone already.

And what the hell is the comingling of MMM and Fishing supposed to mean? The usual shitty translation and vague update teaser has me about as confused as it usually does.

That ring looks fucking useless.

If you get Fishing Guild Support you can decrease fish stamina more easily? Umm...it's not hard to start with unless you're catching Ebisu fish and then you want to be using two other rings anyway.

Minor Update: I posted on BG about MMM too. (I got pretty hilariously pwned.)

But the point is still true: SE needs to try adding stuff that (non-JP people) might actually consider doing and make it something that's not the 1 in 300 lotto odds to actually get something decent.

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  1. And Square-Enix doesn't care for the North American players, because they see them as I do: A player-base of cheaters out to rape FFXI for whatever they can get.