Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Organizing Your Screenshots

I was reading an interesting article on Windows 7 on Tech Report just now and saw this.
You don't have to constrain yourself to boring old folder view, of course. With photos, for example, it's possible to sort a whole library by day or month, which will pool all images together and display them in chronological order. How cool is that? Too bad Windows 7 still has no native support for RAW images, unlike Mac OS X.
With my rather old PC, it's not exactly lightning fast to get done building, but the info is cached so I only have to wait for the first time. The still in-progress result looks like this:Which is pretty cool I think.

Also, I'm probably going to hook my PS2 back up to my TV card again soon, so my updates will be slightly *ahem* more interesting visually.

Dynamis - Valkurm!

I went on a Dynamis - Valkurm run tonight. We just farmed for an hour and didn't attempt the boss. Drops were decent a THF cape, Dancer cape (belt?), and a SMN Horn -1 piece. The NQ SMN horn I've still never seen drop in person and the LS has only gotten one ever. We've gotten at least two -1 Horns though.

I played around with Ascetic's Fury again some more. I have to say I'm really impressed by that WS now. 1,024 on one of the regular mobs in there, and I was making Light with random people. Light's not too awesome with the double Dark weather, but still nice added damage when it isn't resisted.

I'm also beginning to strongly suspect that like Mandalic Stab and Tachi: Gekko that it gets a large bonus to Attack. Somebody would probably have to go punch a few hundred Greater Colibri or something to know for sure though. I'm also wondering if it would be worth it to get Alky's Bracelets for it or if I should just stick with O.kotes?

All in all it was a fun run. If there's one thing that's nice about CoP dynamis it's that they're short compared to the snorefest city zones.

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